Facial During Pregnancy

You may have heard about the 'pregnancy glow' – that new flush to your face that signals to the world that you are carrying a baby. Well, while some women do notice the 'glow,' many others also notice a host of other facial changes during pregnancy that may not be as welcome.

Due to the dramatic changes in hormone levels during pregnancy, your face and skin can go through a number of changes.

From a darkening of the skin to stretch marks, from spider veins to acne, the good news is that most of these changes disappear soon after your baby is born.

Facial during pregnancy


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Oily Skin During Pregnancy

Facial changes during pregnancy are the most obvious. When you are pregnant, you produce more than fifty percent more blood than normal. This increases the blood circulation in the body and can cause your skin to 'glow'. In some cases, this excess blood circulation could cause the oil glands in the face to overwork and may even result in overly shiny skin. If you suffered from acne before your pregnancy, the odds are that this condition will be further aggravated now.

Unfortunately, even women with clear skin before pregnancy can suddenly complain of facial breakouts during pregnancy. As the body begins to produce more hormones, this can cause dark patches to appear on your cheeks and forehead. More than fifty percent of pregnant women suffer from this condition. This is also referred to as Melasma, Chlosma or the "Mask of Pregnancy," where the whole face becomes a few shades darker for the duration of the pregnancy. This pigmentation can also be noticeable in the darkening of moles, freckles and other areas of the body as well.

One of the best ways to treat oily skin and acne is through facials during pregnancy. However, by facials, one means keeping a regular skin cleansing routine with a mild cleanser and using the correct sun protection when outdoors. Remember, your skin is extremely sensitive during pregnancy. While most skin changes are harmless, if any facial changes during pregnancy are accompanied by pain, redness or bleeding, contact your doctor at the earliest.

Safe facial products during pregnancy

If you have always been meticulous about facial treatments and looking after your skin, do not fear that all this has to change during your pregnancy. There are a number of safe facial products that can be used during pregnancy. These do not have any side effects and are totally harmless. It may just be a matter of shifting allegiances to different products for the duration of nine months or so.

Before one gets into facial treatments during pregnancy that are safe and can help with all the changes taking place with your skin, it is best to emphasize the importance of a healthy balanced diet during your pregnancy. Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and drink at least eight glasses of water a day to keep your skin naturally healthy and hydrated. If acne or oily skin is an issue, use safe facial moisturizers during pregnancy that are unscented and 'non-comedogenic.' Products that are 'oil-free' are good if your skin is oily.  However, if like some women, you have to tackle dry skin, then you should choose natural moisturizers such as coconut or olive oil instead.

When it comes to facial treatments during pregnancy such as facials, chemical peels, and dermabrasion, care has to be taken. Keep in mind that most of these treatments are too harsh on your sensitive skin.

Moreover, since your hormone levels are quite high, you cannot really predict the results of these creams and lotions at this stage. It is better to wait till you have had the baby and have stopped breastfeeding. Let the hormone levels settle down, and then you may go as often as you wish to. Many salons offer specially designed body and facial treatments such as the European facial during pregnancy. These use carefully chosen products that are proven to be safe. Topically applied creams and lotions can still penetrate into your blood stream via the skin, so you need to be more cautious about the ingredients of skin treatments. All products containing salicylic acid and retinoids (such as acne creams) have to be avoided at all cost. Caution also has to be taken where aromatherapy oils, creams, and lotions are concerned. Some oils are very potent and can lead to a number of dangerous side effects when you are pregnant. Always check with your doctor before starting any new beauty routine.

Makeup during pregnancy

Makeup during pregnancy is another area of concern for most women. As long as the make-up is natural and you follow a routine of gentle cleansing and moisturizing, there should be no issues. Makeup to avoid during pregnancy should be products that contain retinol or salicylic acid. If the label includes any of the following ingredients, you need to avoid the product: Differin, Retinol, Tazorac, Tretinoin, Salicylic acid Beta Hydroxy acid or BHA. If you are looking for safe makeup during pregnancy, most reputable brands available over-the counter are generally harmless. As long as you stay away from any harsh chemicals and antibiotic treatments on your face and skin, you should be fine. You can also try the new trend of mineral makeup during pregnancy that uses all-natural ingredients which are oil-free as well. These are completely safe and will not affect you or your baby! Beauty experts suggest investing in a good concealer to disguise any dark circle and patches on the face. A bronzer will also help mask any skin imperfections and leave you with a healthy glow. Skin puffiness around the eyes and dry skin can be treated with moisturizers and natural body lotions. In this way, you can make it through your pregnancy looking as good as you can – if not better!

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