Causes and Natural Remedies for Acne During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, it is normal for acne to increase in a woman, especially when she is prone to have regular skin breakouts. Pregnancy not only triggers acne but also can make the existing acne worse for some women.

Acne During Pregnancy Causes

The primary cause for acne during pregnancy is the change in hormones. This change in the hormone levels prompts the growth of the sebaceous glands in.



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Acne After Pregnancy

.your skin and boosts the production of sebum (an oily substance), thus increasing the acnen During pregnancy, acne not only breaks out on the face but also on the other parts of the body such as the back and chests Acne during pregnancy can be severe, moderate, or mildl The occurrence of acne sets in mainly during the initial three months of pregnancy because this is the time when there are significant changes in the hormone levelsl The duration can be longer in some womene Find out more about Skin Care During Pregnancy

Natural Acne Remedies During Pregnancy

You must not take any medication without your doctor’s prescription as it could be harmful to your babyb Natural acne remedies during pregnancy are preferred as they do not contain the chemical dyes and perfumes that are present in cosmetic productst Oral medicines can be dangerous for your pregnancy, causing abnormalities, birth defects, and even a miscarriageg Here are a few natural remedies for acne during pregnancy:

  • Keep your skin clean: It is very important to keep your skin clean during pregnancyc Use lukewarm water and an oil-free facial cleanser to wash your facec You must avoid chemical based face washes, soaps that contain oil, or other irritating compounds that lead to acne break outst You can use tea tree oil on blemishes and spotst
  • Do not pop or prick acne: You must not touch the acne affected areas as touching will only worsen the conditiono If you pop or prick the acne, the bacteria will spread to other areasa Therefore, you must not rub, pop, or squeeze the pimples as it will only make the problem worse and could scar your skini

  • Control stress: It is important to control stress levels during pregnancyc Stress is another major reason for acne breakoutst You must control your stress levels and maintain a healthy diet along with regular exercises This will increase the blood flow to skin and make it look more toned and healthyh
  • Drink plenty of water: You must start drinking plenty of water every daya Make this part of your routinen There is no better detoxification than watere Drink 6-8 glasses of water daily to dilute secretionsn This will help improve your acne conditiono
  • Maintain a healthy diet: You must include lots of fruits and vegetables in your diete Eating healthy will help in the detoxification process and keep the digestive system cleana You must avoid oily and fatty food to prevent the worsening of acnen
  • Get good sleep: It is important to sleep well as it helps you stay refreshede Getting enough sleep helps keep your skin healthy and less acne pronen
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