Sensitive Skin During Pregnancy

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on May 18, 2012

One of the many changes pregnant women experience is skin sensitivity. While some women get lucky and have the famous pregnancy glow, others might just be affected by acne even though they have never had acne before. Among the myriad different changes that you will go through, you may also notice that your skin looks different during the different stages of your pregnancy.

Why is the Skin is Sensitive to Touch in Pregnancy?


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The causes of sensitive skin during pregnancy could be the effect of hormonal changes or due to the increase in the circulation of blood or both. If you’re pregnant with your second child, you may notice some skin changes that didn’t happen when you were pregnant with your first child. This is because not only does each body react to pregnancy differently but the same body could react to different pregnancies very differently.

Your skin may become very sensitive to touch, to temperature or other factors. The good news is that most of your skin issues usually disappear after childbirth.

Which Parts are more Sensitive?

Normally during pregnancy, you feel sensitive from head to toe. Some expectant mothers have a constant blush, a wonderful glow about them. As romantic as it sounds, the truth is that the rise in blood circulation gives the skin that healthy redness and the increase in secretion of oil glands gives it that lovely shine. All aren’t as lucky though – the same factors can cause a breakout of acne. Your skin can also undergo changes as per your trimesters; while you may have lovely skin during the first one, the third might not be the same. Some women find yellowish or brownish patches on the cheeks, forehead, nose and chin during pregnancy. This typically means your body is producing more estrogen and progesterone, which stimulate the cells in your skin to produce more pigments. The result could be the tell-tale blotchy tan. The breasts too get very sensitive as they get larger; the nipples get bigger, rounder and softer to touch. The insides of your hands and feet also start to feel sensitive.

How to Treat Sensitive Skin during Pregnancy?

Your skin might not react to your normal skincare products like it used to. If you notice “the pregnancy mask" (yellowish blotchy coloration on the face), it is best to avoid getting out in direct sunlight as it rouses melanin creation and makes the uneven coloration more stark. For acne, use organic mild scrubs, astringents, cleansers etc. as your sensitive skin will react well to them. Do not take any anti-acne drugs. You should exercise or practice yoga to be fit and to increase blood circulation. Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day. Consult your doctor if the skin issues get serious or painful.

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