Hair Removal During Pregnancy

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on March 12, 2012

Going through a pregnancy is usually always the highlight of a woman’s lifetime and is an experience that she is going to treasure. Despite that, however, she has to learn to adapt to a number of changes taking place in her body. The physical and hormonal changes affect her moods and her behavior, and she it is often stressed about having to deal with too much! Hair growth is heavily dependent on factors such as hormonal levels – which is significantly impacted during a pregnancy.


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Hair removal during a pregnancy becomes even more of a concern among women, as hair grows faster and springs up in unwanted places. There is no special hair removal treatment for pregnant women. Laser hair removal during pregnancy, hair removal creams during pregnancy, electrolysis hair removal during pregnancy as well as waxing during pregnancy all remain the most popular choices.

However, it is important to make sure that the mother feels comfortable at all times and avoids disturbing the child with any of her actions. Waxing during pregnancy usually becomes irksome when you have to perform the waxing yourself. As the belly has grown large, you will have a rather hard time bending at the waist in order to wax the legs. Why put yourself through the ordeal when you can just head straight to your local beauty salon. You need to, however, be aware of the creams and lotions that affect your skin. You are likely to notice that your skin reacts a little differently to waxing during pregnancy than at other times in your life. You will find that the skin is more sensitive and that applying an antiseptic lotion to the legs before you start the treatment will help significantly reduce the stinging or burning sensation. However, it is recommended that you check with your doctor about the safety of waxing when pregnant, in order to avoid any unforeseen problems.

Hair removal creams during pregnancy are another very popular method of hair removal as they are considerably less painful. However, they do contain a number of different chemicals and therefore it is better to consult your health obstetrician before you use any product. As with any cosmetic substance, identifying how your skin will react to particular creams and lotions, you need to test a small amount of it on a small patch of skin. Laser hair removal during pregnancy is probably the most permanent form of hair removal. It is, however, not recommended for women expecting a baby, as the effects of the treatment on the baby have not been substantiated yet. Electrolysis hair removal during pregnancy is another very popular method. It is considered to be a relatively safe option during pregnancy, but it should be avoided in the third trimester – especially on the breasts and even more so if the mother plans to breastfeed her baby.

Shaving the hair when pregnant is hardly the easiest option, but could be the most useful method when you are in urgent need for hair removal. Ensure that you use a moisturizer on your legs when done. Purchase moisturizers that contain high amounts of Vitamin E. They are known to be the best choice as the vitamin is good for the skin.

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