Spa During Pregnancy

During a pregnancy, there are a number of changes that a woman will experience, both physically, as well as, emotionally. Times where she realizes that her body shape is changing, may make her feel unattractive and may even cause a certain amount of depression. Being able to counter the feeling of depression and sadness will be one of the best ways of staying healthy throughout the pregnancy.

Visiting a spa during pregnancy is one of the ways in which she can allow herself to relax and de-stress. There are a variety of treatments available at spas that help to feel extremely relaxed and refreshed. If you are pregnant, pamper yourself during this important period in their life.


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Opting for the best spa treatments during pregnancy is a matter of perspective. Get as much information as possible on what kind of treatments are best avoided during pregnancy, and the ones that are best recommended as well. Visiting a spa during pregnancy first trimester will make the transition through the second and third trimesters much easier to bear. You will feel relaxed and refreshed, ready to face the challenges and joys of expecting a child.

Foot spa during pregnancy

Foot treatment at a foot spa during pregnancy allows your feet to feel really relaxed. Your feet will bear your increasing weight with each passing stage of the pregnancy, and there are times when expectant mothers tend to neglect their feet. A relaxing foot massage and pedicure will be of great help in providing relief and relaxation to the feet. Spas may often use techniques such as soaking the feet in warm water, scrubbing them of dead skin and finally applying a combination of lotions and oils that provide relief and soften the skin on the feet.

Hair spa during pregnancy

Visiting a hair spa during pregnancy will be a somewhat novel idea to most expectant mothers. One of the primary reasons why women tend to feel depressed during pregnancy is that weight gain makes them feel unattractive.

A hair spa visit can work wonders and has been well recommended for women who are expecting a child. The whole experience of the hairstylist suggesting new hairdo’s and cuts that will accentuate your features, is rejuvenating and will make you feel more confident and beautiful.

Do's and Don’ts of spa treatments during pregnancy

Like any other form of treatment, there are various do’s and don’ts of spa treatments during pregnancy that need to be kept in mind.

  • Always ensure that you are visiting a spa that has been well recommended for its services.
  • Check with your doctor to ascertain whether it is alright for you to avail of spa treatments.
  • It is always important for you to know the person attending to you for your spa treatments, so that you are sure of the services being offered.

Similarly, there are certain things you should avoid when attempting to go in for a spa treatment.

  • Do not be in a hurry to get a spa treatment just because you think you absolutely deserve one.
  • The purpose of the treatment is to help relax you and should be conducted in a manner that fulfils the purpose.
  • If the Spa does not have a good reputation for the way it offers services to its customers, it is best avoided.
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