Mood Swings During Pregnancy First Trimester

Submitted by Nick on January 18, 2012

Although going through a pregnancy is one of the highlights of a woman's life, the amount of changes on an emotional and physical level that take place within such a short span of time can be incomprehensible to someone that hasn't experienced it themselves. One of the most common symptoms of a pregnancy is the mood swings that the mother is likely to experience. Mood swings during pregnancy are the result of the changing hormonal levels within the woman's body.


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Each woman is likely to react to this change differently - with some experiencing mood swings with more intensity than others. The more severe cases of mood swings may even see the expecting mothers go into serious depression or even have anxiety attacks.

Studies have shown that the mood swings will usually start to become more noticeable around the 6th to 10th week of the pregnancy while being a little subdued during the second trimester before becoming prominent again just as the pregnancy wind down to a close.

The mood swings in pregnancy can be so intense that, at times, the mother will even doubt her willingness to have the child. It is important to have a supporting family around as the mothers interpersonal relationships with those in close and regular contact are likely to be strained somewhat as a direct result of the mood swings in pregnancy. Expecting mothers are also known to go into depression as they start to feel like they are unattractive as a result of their significantly changing physical stature as well.

Mild to severe mood swings in pregnancy cannot be avoided and simply need to be controlled by following a few guidelines about the same. For instance, women that experience intense mood swings during pregnancy need to ensure that their body's get the required amount of rest. Most women tend to sleep a lot less around the third trimester because of the constant moving of the baby. It is also important to ensure that you get the right kind and quantity of nutrition to ensure that the hormonal balance within our body stays as regulated as possible. One should not underestimate the power and positive energy that pampering yourself can provide.

Buying yourself maternity clothes and getting a good body massage can go miles in alleviating the depression that you might be experiencing at this time. Exercise is considered to be one of the best treatments for mood swings and following an exercise regime for about 30 minutes everyday will go a long way into subduing the mood swings.

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