Pedicure During Pregnancy

Most women want to know if it’s okay to go in for a manicure and pedicure during pregnancy.  The answer is yes. Pedicures and manicures are a great way to make a woman feel beautiful while pregnant.   Here are a few tips that you need to keep in mind, if you plan on getting a pedicure done during your pregnancy.

  • Make sure that you visit a salon that is well-ventilated.

    Some salons have a strong chemical odor that might cause nausea and headache. Wearing a mask to thin out the fumes is a good idea.


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  • If you plan on going for a pedicure massage during your pregnancy, make sure your pedicurist avoids massaging the area between your Achilles tendon and ankle as this might stimulate fetal contractions.  
  • It is best to avoid treatments such as paraffin treatments, hot stone therapy, and steamed towels as they can be extremely harsh on the sensitive skin.
  • Ensure that the tools used during the treatment are sterilized so as to prevent infection. If you have your doubts about the salon you visit, make sure you carry your own pedicure tools.   
  • Make sure you wear clear enamel or lighter polish shades that can be easily removed with non-acetone type nail polish removers. Acetone can have harmful effects, though there is no concrete evidence.
  • Avoid nail polish that contains ingredients that are unsafe. Make sure you use polishes that do not contain formaldehyde (carcinogenic), toluene (carcinogenic), and dibutyl phthalate.  Although there is no conclusive evidence to prove that these products can cause defects in pregnant women, it’s best that you take precautions. Also, make sure you don’t nibble on your finger nails.
  • Avoid going in for a fish pedicure during your pregnancy. There might be chances that the water might contain bacteria such as pseudomonas or E. coli.
  • Before going in for any kind of body work or salon work, it is best you consult your doctor.
  • If you find it difficult to visit a salon during your pregnancy go in for a home pedicure. They are a cheaper and safer alternative.

Pedicure During Trimesters

Pedicures are extremely important during your pregnancy. You can go in for a home pedicure during your first trimester as reaching your toes and tending to them is easier in these initial months.   However, if you plan going in for a home pedicure during the second trimester you may need someone to help you trim your toenails and pamper your feet. This is because as your abdomen grows larger you may not be able to tend to your toenails. Many women often opt for a home pedicure during the third trimester as they find it difficult to go to a salon. A home pedicure also helps soothe sore feet, increases blood circulation to your feet, and reduces swelling.  Here’s a pedicure you can try at home. Start by clipping and filing your nails. Mix together equal parts of olive oil and brown sugar, then take a handful and carefully massage your legs and feet. While doing this pay extra attention to the rough spots on your heels and other parts of your feet. Next take a basin and fill it with warm water and add some body wash to it. Soak your feet in this water for a while. Then, pat dry your feet and moisturize them with some cream. Get someone to polish your nails or better still do not apply any polish, your nails will still look pretty. Explore something more about Skin Care During Pregnancy

To sum up, going in for a pedicure during your pregnancy is a good idea as it helps comfort and soothes your feet and will also help you feel prettier.  It is however important that you take the necessary precautions while getting a pedicure done.

Pedicure During Pregnancy
Pedicure During Pregnancy
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