why do feet swell during pregnancy?

(July 7, 2010)

Feet Swelling During Pregnancy

During pregnancy there is some amount of swelling that occurs in the body of women especially in the legs. This is known to happen because the body tends to collect and retain more water than usual during pregnancy. This fluid retention during pregnancy is technically referred to as edema is more dominant in the third semester and especially during the summer as well. The fluid retention during pregnancy occurs because of the changes in the blood chemistry and also because of the pressure applied by the growing uterus on the pelvic veins which translates into a slowing down of the blood that’s supposed to return to the heart. Due to this slowing down there is a slight pressure created in the veins and the swelling may be caused as a result of some fluid getting leaked out into the surrounding tissues of the feet and legs. Swelling of hands and feet

It is not unusual for feet to swell during pregnancy as this is a commonly experienced symptom and should not be a cause for concern. However if the swelling occurs around the eyes or in your face, there is pain in the extremities, sudden or excessive swelling in the hands or feet then a medical practitioner should be notified immediately. Once started, swollen feet and legs are likely to continue throughout the rest of the pregnancy and tend to disappear relatively quickly after child birth. This is because once the child is born the pressure on the veins decreases which allows the blood flow to return to normal so there is no fluid leaked out into the tissues that would have otherwise caused the swelling. Additionally the body chemistry also will also return to normal after child birth which signals the body to lessen the collection of water so that the body can now excrete any extra fluid which it may have collected. This basically means that in the first few days after birth the mother will end up urinating or sweating more than usual. Women who experience swollen feet and hands during pregnancy tend to complain about the discomfort associated with the swelling only as there is no pain as such experienced. This discomfort can be addressed by sitting with your legs or feet up whenever possible, eating a healthy diet and even exercising whenever possible. One should also drink plenty of water to keep the body well hydrated. Pregnant women should also avoiding standing without a break for long periods of time if they are suffering from swollen legs and feet.

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