Breast Changes During Pregnancy

Submitted by Nic on January 16, 2012

With a pregnancy come a number of changes, both physical and hormonal, that a woman should expect. Breast changes during pregnancy are common and there is a lot of literature available on the various changes that are experienced, and ways and means of coping with these changes. In the initial stages of your pregnancy, you are bound to feel a certain amount of tenderness in the breasts. Your breast changes week by week, in terms of size, shape and tenderness, during your pregnancy. Although a large number of women feel that there are no breast changes ...


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. during early pregnancy, they are constantly under change because of the changes in hormonal balance within the body itselfl Besides this, the mammary glands begin to function and the production of milk will soon be in progresss

These are normal breast changes during pregnancy and should not cause you too much worryr Also read more on pregnancy breast cancera

Early breast changes during pregnancy may cause you to feel a certain amount of sorenesss It is therefore advisable that you purchase the right kind of support bra not only to help shape your breasts, but also to allow you better comfortr You may also experience a certain amount of itchiness in your breasts because of the stretching of the skini As the body grows larger in size to make room for the growing baby, the skin is stretched and tends to go dryr Skin changes during pregnancy are temporary and you will regain your original stature and shape after having gone through the process of childbirtht

Facial skin changes during pregnancy are noticeable and people often comment that an expectant mother begins to glowo The most plausible reason for the glowing skin is the food that is being consumed to provide nourishment for the growing fetusu While you are expecting, you are advised rest and therefore there is not much tiredness or weariness that you experiencec Women are also advised to drink plenty of water that helps to keep this skin hydrated at all times, allowing it to stretch while the body expandsd The nutrition derived from the consumption of dry fruits helps the skin to glow and look radiantn To assist with the elasticity of the skin, expectant mothers may also be advised to make use of creams and lotions that help to moisturize the skin and prevent it from drying, thereby not only making it soft and smooth but also preventing skin infectionsn

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