What is safe to take for diarrhea during pregnancy?

(July 21, 2010)

Diarrhea In Pregnancy

Most women complain of constipation during pregnancy. Unfortunately many women also suffer from diarrhea during pregnancy. Diarrhea during pregnancy is bothersome and annoying and may also put you at risk of depletion of bodily fluids. Regrettably, getting diarrhea during pregnancy is a common problem, particularly with all the transformations the body is suddenly undergoing. The most common causes of diarrhea during pregnancy are lactose intolerance, dietary or hormonal changes, and sensitivities to certain foods. If however you experience diarrhea accompanied by nausea it is strongly advised you see a doctor immediately.  Dehydration caused due to diarrhea is likely to impact your baby.

A number of women experience diarrhea just before labor. This might just be the body’s way of preparing for the delivery. Diarrhea during pregnancy, unlike constipation, is often induced by external stimuli - outside of your body. Some stimuli could be a consequence of good habits and a natural phase in pregnancy, while some things might not be good for you. An increased intake in water can result in diarrhea. This increased fluid intake may be caused by increased water consumption as well as fruits and vegetables that are high in water content. However, it is not wise to reduce your fluid intake without first consulting your doctor. In some cases, during pregnancy, severe diarrhea might result from food-poisoning or bacteria present in water.

The first step in preventing diarrhea is to avoid foods that could cause diarrhea. Some such foods include dried and cured meats, pungent tasting foods, and in some cases even diary products. Most women are not likely to be "lactose intolerant", but many might be marginally sensitive, to the degree that dairy products could aggravate an already impaired system. Refrain from drinking unhealthy liquids such as aerated beverages and high caffeine drinks and stick to healthier options such as chicken soup and warm water.

Diarrhea during pregnancy lasts a few days. If it goes beyond three days, you must speak to your doctor as it could be a signal of a more serious root cause and may possibly lead to dehydration. If you have stomach cramps or abdominal pain confer with your obstetrician or gynecologist or a medical professional immediately. During diarrhea you may consume foods such as wheat bread or toast, whole meal crackers, stewed apples, brown rice, boiled and potatoes without salt or cream, pretzels, bananas, steamed carrots, cooked pumpkin, and rolled oats. Naturally curdled milk and yogurt are also healthy choices and you can consume these to get rid of diarrhea. Yogurt contains healthy bacteria and is good for you when you have diarrhea.

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