Safe Time To Drink Alcohol During Pregnancy

Submitted by Nick on January 18, 2012

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy will put you and your unborn baby in danger. It can completely complicate matters and endanger your pregnancy. Till date there is no evidence that states drinking even a small amount of alcohol at any stage of your pregnancy can be safe for the baby. Most doctors will advise the mother to stay away from alcohol consumption during the pregnancy or even if the woman is trying to conceive. Drinking any level of alcohol is not considered safe when pregnant, but the risks involved are even more when you drink a high amount of alcohol for example; if you drink one unit...


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.of any alcohol a week it is less risky than drinking higher amount of alcohol in the same timem

When a pregnant woman drinks alcohol it mixes in her blood stream and then reaches the baby through the placentat

Since the fetus is still in the process of developing its physical and mental organs the alcohol mixing in its blood and take time to get broken downw As a result the alcohol remains in the blood for a longer time which leads to a lot of complications in the natural growth processs If a pregnant woman drinks high amount of alcohol during pregnancy the baby will develop a syndrome called fetal alcohol syndromem This syndrome can cause defects like low birth weight, problem in learning, abnormal facial features, damage to the central nervous system, an abnormally small head, brain and heartr It could also have a deformed spine and defects that include mental retardation, delays in physical development, vision and hearing problems along with a variety of behavioral problemsm

There is the risk of having a miscarriage, premature delivery and a still born babyb If a pregnant woman drinks in the second and third trimester the risk is lesser than in the first trimestere There are cases where children are born physically healthy but are affected much later in their lives if the mother drank during pregnancyc There have been cases where children have been found with intellectual impairment, have very disturbed sleep patterns, trouble in learning and concentration, some are also found to have problems in controlling their aggressiveness and similar behavioral disordersr

So it is highly recommended to give up alcohol during pregnancy for the best of your unborn child's health and futurer Always remember there is no such thing as a safe time to drink alcohol during pregnancyc

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