Drinking Alcohol While Trying to Conceive

Submitted by Nick on March 9, 2012

Research has shown that drinking alcohol can be detrimental to a pregnancy, whether had during the preconception stage or during the pregnancy. The effects of alcohol while trying to conceive are still being researched, but alcohol even at the early stages of pregnancy is considered bad. As the fetus develops early on, alcohol can cause deformities, impair brain development and affect the implantation of the embryo in the uterus. Consuming alcohol while trying to conceive  can harm your fertility as well. Alcohol consumption can also affect the ovulation and throw your calculations off, while planning a baby.


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You might show signs of glandular dysfunction, luteal phase defect or face degradation of the endometrial lining and hyperprolactinemia because of sustained alcohol abuse. Doctors suggest that a woman should quit drinking alcohol at least 4 months before she starts to try conceiving a baby. In those intermittent months the body is able to rid itself of the ill-effects of alcohol.

There are mixed schools of thought. Some say an occasional glass of alcohol is okay while others absolutely forbid it. However, most women do not want to really take a chance with their baby’s health.

Drinking alcohol during a potential pregnancy can also result in fetal alcohol syndrome and birth defects like congenital heart anomalies. Alcohol has also been known to cause mental retardation in babies. Some research suggests that drinking during pregnancies increases the chances of the baby becoming an alcohol addict as an adult. Sometimes you do end up consuming some alcohol before you realize you are pregnant. If you are trying for a baby, however, you are aware and therefore can avoid it. If you thought it was only the women who had to maintain caution in eating, then you need to read a bit more. Even men are discouraged from drinking alcohol while trying to conceive. Alcohol is known to reduce fertility and sperm count. It acts as a toxin that kills sperm cells. Increased alcohol consumption in men can lead to an increase of estrogen which can also hamper the production of sperm. Just like women are advised to quit alcohol when they start planning for a baby, even their partners are asked to quit alcohol so as to conceive a healthy baby in time.

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