Tips for Allergy Relief During Pregnancy

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on January 17, 2012

Being pregnant is hard enough, but having allergies to deal with can really make it difficult. The main problem is that when one is pregnant they are not able to take any of the medications that they would have been taking before they got pregnant. Thus it can really prolong the pregnant woman's suffering and even make it difficult for the doctor's to treat. Some women may not have any allergies before they got pregnant. These might have developed post conceiving. However there are many ways for treating allergies during pregnancy.


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The main advice for pregnancy allergy relief that is given to women is to try and avoid those allergens that are found to trigger off the reactions in the pregnant woman. So for those women who might be allergic to furry pets or even cut grass just need to take the precautionary step of limiting their exposure to these stimuli. If a woman is allergic to dust then again she will have to get rid of all the dust in her vicinity or avoid dusty areas as much as possible.

If getting in a dusty situation or coming up against someone else's furry pets s unavoidable then there is a natural method for allergy relief during pregnancy that can be followed. This is called the netti pot.

It is simply a container that is tea pot shaped. The mechanism works with the affected person putting the teapot's spout to one nostril and thus allowing the water to flow through that nostril and the sinuses and finally for the water to flow out through the next nostril. This helps in clearing the sinuses quite effectively. Another natural remedy that does not have any side effects and is hence useful and safe for a pregnant woman to use is the humidifier. This increases the moisture in the air and makes it easier to breathe. A pregnant woman suffering from an allergy can even try making use of a mustard plaster. This is usually made at home out of mustard oil or dry mustard. Another simple and safe home remedy is a saline nasal spray. This is a simple salt and water solution that is safe in cleaning out one's sinuses. Remember that all products need to be used sparingly. There are some who might have allergic reactions to deodorants and sprays hence for these women it is essential to avoid all use of these products.

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