Stuffy Nose During Pregnancy

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on January 18, 2012

Experiencing a stuffy nose during pregnancy is a normal phenomenon. When a woman is pregnant, her respiratory tract lining receives more blood. Stuffy nose during pregnancy is medically referred to as rhinitis of pregnancy. Rhinitis of pregnancy can start in the second month of pregnancy and last until your baby is delivered. A stuffy nose during pregnancy is caused by the increased secretion of certain hormones that stimulate blood flow. It is because of the increase in blood flow that the respiratory tract becomes congested leading to a stuffy nose. A stuffy nose during pregnancy doesn't necessarily mean you have a cold.


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If you're stuffy nose is accompanied by a sore throat, sneezing or cough, then you might have a cold. Allergies are also quite common during pregnancy. It is normal to be more sensitive to the allergens when pregnant.

Rhinitis of pregnancy can be much of a hassle, but there are plenty of tips which could provide relief.

The most important and simple step to alleviate a stuffy nose during pregnancy is to take a nice steamy bath. Steam provides temporary relief and it also has a soothing effect. A steam vaporizer could be kept handy; you could also add drops of eucalyptus oil to reduce congestion. Some women prefer using saline drops or a buffered saline nasal spray which could be brought over the counter from a drug store. With the permission of your doctor, you could add a few drops of the allergy-relieving solution into each of the nostrils; in a matter of five to ten minutes you should be able to get rid of a blocked nose easily.

In some cases the doctor might even suggest antihistamines that are mild in nature and safe to be used during pregnancy. Women experiencing heavy nasal congestion during pregnancy can also experience bloody nose. With gentle pressure on the nasal bridge the bleeding will stop. Nosebleeds and nose blockage can be easily avoided with little effort, but always remember to consult your doctor in the event of a nosebleed during pregnancy.

You should also avoid going to places that are heavily polluted. While using a vaporizer you should remember to change the water before each use. Do not use medication without proper consultation with your doctor. Any intake of drugs can directly affect your baby's health. So make sure you pay attention to this. If you are extremely bothered by a stuffy nose during pregnancy then do consult your physician for proper action for stuffy nose. Also do not forget top carry tissues wherever you go.

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