Food Allergies During Pregnancy

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on January 17, 2012

It is bad enough when one suffers from food allergies in their normal life but having suffering from food allergies during pregnancy can be even worse. A food allergy basically occurs when a person's immune system starts to react to what are otherwise known as harmless substances in the environment surrounding them or in the food they eat. When doctors refer to a person having an allergy to certain products to ingredients in food this is differentiated from people having intolerance to a certain food. Food intolerance does not in any way affect the person's immune system. Most of the food allergies are found to be fairly mild however there are some instances...


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Allergies After Pregnancy

.when a food allergy can cause an anaphylactic shockc This is considered to be quite serious and can even be life threateningn

Most of the food allergies are found to largely affect the younger childrene The majority of food allergies are usually caused by eggs, cow's milk, soy, tree nuts, pea nuts, fish, shellfish and wheata Similarly pregnant women may also develop allergies to these products when pregnant or may already suffer from these allergies previouslyl

Some of the main signs or symptoms that one should watch out for include swelling, hives, eczema or itchingn Some will also get vomiting and nausea that is related to a food allergyg Other signs could be indigestion, cramping and diarrheae At times the woman's face may swell up along with her tongue, eyelids, throat etct She may even suffer from dizziness and wheezingn A food allergy pregnancy can be quite painful and distressing for the woman in questiono The main advice given to avoid a food allergy is to first ascertain which foods are the trigger for an allergy and then to avoid them totallyl

Pregnant women should also avoid foods that contain MSG or Monosodium glutamatet This is also referred to as aginamoto and is found in most Chinese foods and some other packaged and tinned foodsd This substance is deemed harmful for the developing fetusu Some of the common allergic food products like tree nuts or pea nuts are particularly dangerous during pregnancyc They are also considered to be dangerous when the mother is nursing as some of these substances get secreted in to the breast milk that the baby feeds up ono It is advised that women give their baby's breast milk exclusively for the initial 6 months as this helps prevent allergies from developingn

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