The Essential Elements of Pre Pregnancy Planning

Planning to have a child is one of the biggest decisions made by a couple. There are four vital areas of pre pregnancy planning – health, weight, exercise and finances.

If you plan properly and well ahead of time, it will help you have a relaxed and healthy pregnancy. Planning should start at least 3 to 4 months before you become pregnant.

Pre Pregnancy Health


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Pre Pregnancy Weight

Pre Pregnancy Health

This is one of the most important areas of pre pregnancy planning if you want a child who is physically and mentally healthy.

  • Once you have decided to have a baby, you will be stopping contraceptives. Consult your doctor and find out, how long after stopping, it will be safe to become pregnant. Usually two menstrual cycles are recommended. Keep a pre pregnancy planner to keep track of your ovulation cycle, and help maximize your chances of getting pregnant.
  • Get a thorough physical check-up to screen for genetic disorders or diseases like hypertension, diabetes, seizures, sexually transmitted diseases or urinary tract infections. Get yourself vaccinated against Rubella and Hepatitis B.
  • As soon as you decide to become pregnant, start taking folic acid and pre-natal vitamins, which are helpful in preventing birth defects. Start a well-planned diet. Avoid fatty foods, junk foods and under-cooked foods.
  • Try and cut down on coffee. Give up smoking, drugs and alcohol.

    It would help if your partner too, gave up these habits, in order to create a healthy environment in which your baby will be born.

Pre Pregnancy Weight

If you are overweight, try to go on a diet and bring your weight down to an optimum level, before you plan your pregnancy. You should not be on a diet when you conceive, as that will rob the baby of vital nutrients.

Pre Pregnancy Exercise

Pregnancy can be very tiring to an unexercised person. Exercise is beneficial for a healthy pregnancy, because it raises levels of oxygen in the blood and also helps in easy delivery. But, if you have never exercised before, it would not be advisable to start once you have already become pregnant. So starting an exercise program a few months earlier, is an important part of pre-pregnancy planning.

Pre Pregnancy Finances

Plan your finances before you decide to become pregnant. Monthly check-ups, certain pre-natal tests, ultra-sounds, the delivery and stay at the hospital can all add up to a hefty bill. If you need a cesarean operation, the cost could be even higher. Check your finances and health insurance schemes to help you cover all necessary costs.

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