Checklist and Tips during Pre Pregnancy

Before a woman decides to get conceive she needs to do a certain amount of pre planning and pre preparation. The best thing a doctor will recommend is to create a pre pregnancy checklist. This is basically a lot of pre pregnancy advice which helps a woman to prepare herself and her body for the future pregnancy.

What this pre pregnancy checklist will comprise of will primarily be a list of do’s and don’ts.

Pre Pregnancy Checklist

There will be different medical conditions which a woman has that are required to be checked and treated before the woman gets pregnant.


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Some of these conditions include high blood pressure, diabetes or obesity; it is also required to check what medications the woman might be taking or to see if she has any lifestyle issues or occupational issues. Thus there are different medical checks and medical tests which need to be taken prior to when the woman conceives.  Some of the different tests include her testing for all kinds of infections and also testing if she has any immunity which can affect her fertility levels as well as have an outcome on her pregnancy. The doctor also will be interested to check and note the woman’s overall health and also her family history and any other records of the woman and the father. If the woman and her partner do have some history of possible birth defects in each of their families, the next step will then be to possibly refer them to the genetic counselor.

Pre Pregnancy Tips

A pre pregnancy check will normally cover a host of different health issues and also provide a lot of pre pregnancy tips. Thus this pre pregnancy checklist will be broadly broken up into four different types that include vaccination updates, medical assessment, counseling plus recommendations and screening.

Medical assessments usually comprise of an entire medical history of a woman and also any particular current problems that she is suffering from. It will further take into consideration the woman’s reproductive and also obstetric history which will include her menstrual related health problems. It will further consider the family history, also an overall physical examination along with a Pap smear update. Her doctor will then take an assessment that covers possible medication risks which might exist along with an assessment of the risk of possible infectious diseases. The Pre pregnancy check up covers the vaccination updates for any woman looking to get pregnant. Some of the vaccinations will include rubella, varicella, hepatitis B etc.

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