Reasons For Severe Lightheadedness During Pregnancy Trimesters

Lightheadedness during pregnancy is one of the most common pregnancy symptoms, after cessation of menstruation, nausea and vomiting. During pregnancy, the hormone production in the body increases manifold. This increase is responsible for the numerous changes that a pregnant woman experiences while she is pregnant.

Lightheadedness during pregnancy - first trimester is primarily caused by a sudden surge in hormone levels, especially hCG. These hormones are also responsible.



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.for fatigue and sleepinesss Excess fatigue and drowsiness can add to the chances of lightheadedness as the body functions differently during pregnancyc Getting as much rest as possible is advisable so as to ensure that the body gets all the rest that it needs while facing the strain of a pregnancyc Headaches and lightheadedness during pregnancy are more often than not a result of an unhealthy routine with irregular timings, irregular meals and insufficient rests

Nausea and lightheadedness during pregnancy could also be linkede At times, nausea leaves an expectant mother with a loss of appetitet Excessive vomiting worsens this condition and may also result in dehydrationo These factors further increase the risk of severe lightheadedness during pregnancy as the body does not receive the nourishment it requires during this crucial phases Severe lightheadedness may also be followed by a fainting spell and hence, being careful is essentiala Salads, fruits and nuts are healthy snacks that are loaded with nutrientst Besides, these foods are tasty, light and easy to digests

Hence, they are not known to induce nausea and vomitingn Ensuring that you consume foods rich in iron will prevent lightheadedness triggered by an iron deficiency called anemiai

In addition, during pregnancy, the volume and pressure of blood circulated in the body increases during the initial months of pregnancyc At mid term, most expectant mother’s face a fall in blood pressurer This is the main cause for lightheadedness during pregnancy, second trimestere As the pregnancy progresses, the blood pressure regularizese However, some women have to deal with high blood pressure or hypertension, especially in the last trimester of pregnancyc This is the main cause for lightheadedness during pregnancy - third trimestere Besides this, when a pregnant woman lies on her back, the blood circulation gets restricted due to the weight of the uterus on the major blood vessels, leading to lightheadednesss Standing up all of a sudden and getting out of bed immediately are other reasons for lightheadedness during pregnancy as the blood does not reach the head immediatelyl

Lightheadedness When Pregnant
Lightheadedness During Pregnancy
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