Breast Cancer During Pregnancy

Studies have indicated that those women who have children can protect themselves from getting breast cancer, especially if they are younger than 29 to 30 years of age when they have their first child or when they have more than a single child. Multiple births usually do not appear to affect these protective mechanisms either positively or even negatively.

However, the premature births are found to have more potential problems because of the abrupt cessation of the gestation and thus the changes that occurs to the breast tissue.

Breast Cancer During Pregnancy


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When breast cancer during pregnancy occurs, the prognosis is considered to be bad. But, this is not because of the pregnancy itself, rather it is because there is a greater likelihood that it might be advanced to a later stage and that it was merely discovered because the mother was seeking care for her pregnancy. Breast cancers that are found earlier may have the similar overall treatment success rate. Another factor to consider during pregnancy breast cancer is the risk or the benefit analysis of the fetal implications and the maternal implications. There are a few studies which indicate that termination of a woman’s pregnancy may not improve the outcomes. There are other studies which look at pregnancy after breast cancer. Pregnancy and breast cancer have been studied for along while now but never to complete satisfaction.

Pregnancy After Breast Cancer

Similarly pregnancy after breast cancer treatment has also been studied but not to the complete satisfaction of many.

While most of the studies do not show any complications, many of them recommend the mother wait at least 2 to 3 years before conception. It is feared that the hormones of pregnancy and of lactation might have a seriously detrimental effect on her breast tissues and her health. It is always advised to talk to one’s medical practitioner regarding breast cancer in pregnancy.  Pregnancy associated breast cancer is another area of study.

Inflammatory Breast Cancer in Pregnancy

Although inflammatory breast cancer pregnancy is also a type of breast cancer, it differs from the typical breast cancer in many ways. The most pronounced difference is that women with this inflammatory breast cancer quite often do not have a visible, detectable lump. This is because of the fact that the inflammatory breast cancer, or the IBC, tends to develop in sheets right below the woman’s breast’s skin and thus affects the whole breast. Also the cancer cells tend to block the lymphatic system, thus hindering the normal drainage of the lymphatic fluid. As a result of this block, the woman’s breast becomes swollen and also becomes inflamed.

Breast Cancer And Pregnancy
Pregnancy Breast Cancer
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