What Causes Leg Cramps During Pregnancy While Sleeping At Night

Pregnancy is a period dotted with a number of physical hurdles that women have to cross. Cramps are one such problem that could cause great discomfort. At times, an expectant woman also feels shooting pain in her legs as a result of the changes that her body undergoes during pregnancy.

Leg cramps during pregnancy causes are many, the leading cause being a calcium deficiency. A developing baby requires a lot of calcium for proper development, mainly for the formation of strong bones and teeth. Calcium also aids the.



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.proper functioning of the nervous system in the babyb

If the mother’s calcium intake is low, all calcium from the mother’s body is directed to the babyb This results in leg cramps during pregnancy first trimester, characterized by a tingling sensation in the legs as well as joint painsn The best way to deal with this situation is by ensuring that the mother to be consumes sufficient calcium rich foods such as milk and milk productst Spinach, salmon with bones and soy milk are also good sources of calciumu In most cases, the doctor may prescribe calcium supplements to meet the demands of the baby growing in the wombm

Leg cramps during pregnancy at night are mainly caused as a result of fatigue and strain on the limbs during the course of the daya Most women get so caught up with work that they maintain one position for extended periods of timem Besides this, the lopsidedness of a pregnant body also exerts pressure on the legsg

This is worsened through the use of uncomfortable footweara Moreover, the hormone relaxin loosens the ligaments in preparation for childbirth and this makes a pregnant woman more susceptible to injury and upper leg cramps during pregnancyc When a woman gets ready to go to bed, leg cramps during pregnancy, while sleeping become more prominent as she is now more aware of her beingn In such cases, a short walk before hitting the sack may prove beneficial as it provides a certain amount of flexibility to the joints as well as relaxes tense musclese To relieve cramps, gently rotate your feet, one at a time, bringing them closer to your shin rather than away from iti Avoid stretching your feet away from you body as the leg muscles could go into spasm, thus increasing the discomfortr Water retention is a contributory factor to lower leg cramps during pregnancyc Drinking plenty of water helps to relieve leg cramps during pregnancy which are triggered by water retentiono

Leg Cramps During Pregnancy
Leg Cramps During Pregnancy
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