39 Weeks Pregnant Cramps

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on October 22, 2012

Although pregnancy can be a delightful experience for any woman, there are several discomforts that are also associated with it. There are many pregnant women who complain of cramps, right from the beginning, till the end of the pregnancy. If this happens towards the end of the pregnancy, it is quite likely to trigger off panic, especially, if it occurs in the 39th week of pregnancy. This is mainly due to the fact that most women regard 39 weeks pregnant cramps as a sign of labor.


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In fact, many women state that they feel they are experiencing 39 weeks pregnant menstrual cramps when they are about to go into labor. At times, there are other discomforts that could also accompany 39 weeks pregnant cramps.

Cramps and back pain

Back aches are quite normal in pregnancy, due to the increased pressure on the muscles of the back.

However, cramps and back pain are both signs and labor and therefore, should not be ignored. It is important to call or visit a doctor, when a woman experiences these symptoms, especially if they are accompanied by contractions.

Cramping with nausea

Morning sickness is a very common complaint of most pregnant women, where they tend to feel nauseous. Even though this affliction is known as “morning” sickness, it can affect a woman at any time of the day. While nausea tends to reduce in women after the second trimester, there may be some who experience it even during the later stages of pregnancy. However, in several cases, it is not uncommon for women to feel a bit uneasy or even nauseous, a day or so before they go into labor. Therefore, in case a woman experiences 39 weeks pregnant cramps and nausea, it is best for her to prepare herself for labor and watch out for the other signs.

Cramps with diarrhea

As the body prepares for labor, it releases prostaglandins, which is a chemical that leads to loose bowel movements. Therefore, 39 weeks pregnant cramps and diarrhea could mean that the baby is read to arrive.

While the best course of action in these cases is to consult a doctor, it is important for women to remember that 39 weeks pregnant cramps are not always an indication of labor; there could be other factors too, that lead to these cramps. In some cases, the cramps could be an ongoing problem, whereas for others, it could be a onetime occurrence, where they may just experience 39 weeks pregnant cramps when walking or engaging in certain other activity. Nevertheless, checking with a doctor, in case of any doubt, is a must.

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