Causes and Prevention of Leg Cramps During Pregnancy

Most women who experience pregnancy cramps during pregnancy usually experience the sensation similar to what they experience when expecting their menstrual period. Pregnancy cramping takes place when the uterus is beginning to get ready for the baby; it can also indicate implantation or hormonal fluctuations during the early stages of pregnancy.

Conditions During Pregnancy Cramps

The entire cycle of pregnancy cramping takes place when the muscles .



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Cramping as Pregnancy Symptoms

.and the uterus start to get ready for expansion, as the hormones create ovarian cramps and the egg gets implantede When the embryo tunnels into the uterine lining, it causes crampingn In some cases pregnancy cramping is also accompanied by spotting, which is usually not as heavy as a period and may last for approximately 2 to three daysy Cramping during pregnancy is usually a normal phenomenon and is rarely an indication of anything ominousu Cramping pregnancy is usually accompanied by pain in the lower back, uterine ache, and some shooting pains in the vagina, which are all normal signs of pregnancyc

Experiencing cramps in early pregnancy is not a worrisome sign, and is actually an indication that your body is preparing to sustain pregnancy for nine monthsh In some cases pregnancy cramping can extend even into the second and third trimester of pregnancy as the uterus continues to expand and the body prepares itself for laboro

However if you suspect that the cramping is abnormal, do speak with your obstetrician for advicec

Pregnancy Leg Cramps

Another common discomfort in pregnancy is leg cramps which is particularly experienced during the third trimestere Most women who experience leg cramps during pregnancy often suffer from sudden tightening of the calf muscles, especially at night causing them to wake up from a restful sleepe The exact cause of leg cramps in pregnancy is still unknown but some experts believe that the increased weight of pregnancy causes alteration in blood circulation and increases the pressure on the nervese

Preventing Leg Cramps During Pregnancy

One can take some measures in preventing leg cramping during pregnancy such as:

  • Walking around periodically especially if you have been sitting or standing for too long in a place
  • Taking breaks throughout the day in the form of a shot brisk walk
  • Avoid crossing of legs while sitting, as it decreases blood circulation
  • Elevate the feet at the end of the day or during breaks in order to improve blood circulation and reduce cramping
  • Basic exercising or simple stretches especially for the calf muscles during the day and before retiring for the night in order to help prevent cramping at night
  • Try sleeping on the left side of your body as it is believed to be a good sleeping position for increasing circulationo This particular sleeping position is also beneficial for the baby as it brings more oxygen to your body and the fetusu
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