How to relieve pregnancy cramps?

(July 21, 2010)

Relieve Pregnancy Cramping

Cramps during early pregnancy is a very common problem for many women. There are several changes that are taking place within your body as it prepares for the growth and development of your baby. At this stage, the uterus continues to expand and exert pressure on the inner walls of the mother’s body and this causes pregnancy cramping. Pregnancy cramping is also caused by implantation and hormonal changes. Mild cramps are normal during pregnancy; however severe cramps or stomach pain might not be normal. If you experience any cramping in conjunction with bleeding, fever, chills or vaginal discharge you must immediately contact your doctor.

It is important to know how to relieve cramps and so here are a few tips which can help you to get some relief. If abdominal pain bothers you too much, it can help to change your position. You can bend your back a little - not much – just to relieve the pain. If you put too much strain on your back then you might end up with a back pain as well. If you suffer from gas or bloating then walking or simple stretching exercises can help to relieve the discomfort. A good way to relieve cramping is to make use of heating pads. A heating pad should be able to give you some temporary relief. Do not take any drugs for the pain unless suggested by your doctor.

It is important to get plenty of rest and ensure that you have someone take care of you at this crucial stage. The hormonal changes in your body can cause constipation in some women. Thus it is advisable to increase the intake of fiber and water. Another way to relieve cramps is to abstain from sex. Sex doesn’t really hurt you or your baby but it may increase the cramping and cause spotting. Women who have had more than one child will experience a very strong shooting pain in their groin or hip area. This pain is caused by the tendons in the hip area. These tendons get weaker after each pregnancy and may cause cramps. The simplest way to combat this type of cramping is to exercise and strengthen these muscles.

Once you know how to relieve pregnancy cramps, you will be able to enjoy your pregnancy. Before engaging in any kinds of exercise do make it a point to check with your doctor. Prenatal exercise classes will help to keep your muscles toned and will also increase blood circulation to your baby.    

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