Remedies to Ease Breast Tenderness After Period

Submitted by Nic on August 16, 2012

When a woman experiences a period, it is the time when her body is cleansing itself of the eggs that are not fertilized, and will prepare itself for a new set of eggs that will stay within the reproductive system for a period of approximately twenty eight days. Breast tenderness after period is experienced by many women and can cause them a large amount of discomfort. The primary cause of breast tenderness is linked with the numerous hormonal changes that are taking place during this stage. As the body prepares itself to get rid of the unfertilized eggs ...


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.and cleanses itself for the replacement of the same, with new eggs, there are hormonal changes that will play an important role in causing breast tenderness as welll

Breast tenderness and cramping after a period are also linked with the numerous hormonal changes that have taken place within the body, and can be reduced by certain medications that are available at the chemists

One of the best ways to ease breast tenderness after a period is to wear a comfortable support bra, giving your breasts the support they require, thereby avoiding pain and discomfortr In order to relieve the pain caused by the cramping, make use of a hot water bottle that will give you some reliefe Avoid making sudden movements or undertaking strenuous physical exercise because your body needs to recuperate and repair worn out tissuese Similarly, the loss of blood during a period needs to be made up by the body, and it is best recommended that you eat healthy foodsd

Breast tenderness after a missed period is indicative of a pregnancy, and you need to consult with your gynecologist about measures to be taken, to safeguard your pregnancyc The missed period, being the primary indicator of the pregnancy, is further confirmed by the tenderness of the breastst Although breast tenderness after menstruation can be rather uncomfortable, there is little that can be done to relieve women of the discomfortr Medications should only be taken on advice from a medical practitioner, as most of these medications contain certain supplements that may interfere with the functioning of the reproductive systeme Eating healthy foods in the form of a balanced diet on a daily basis and staying fit will play an important rolel They will alleviate the discomfort associated with breast tenderness and cramps that are experienced either before, during or after a menstrual cycle or even during a pregnancyc

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