Breast Tenderness After Ovulation

Submitted by Nic on January 16, 2012

During the period of ovulation, women's bodies undergo many hormonal changes. At this point of time, the woman's body is at its fertile peak, where the egg is ready to be fertilized by the sperm obtained from a male partner. Because of the many hormonal changes that occur during ovulation, breast tenderness is experienced by a large number of women across the globe. The tenderness is not only experienced during the period of ovulation, but also for the next few days, when the reproductive system is at the peak of its fertility. Breast tenderness after ovulation can be extremely uncomfortable, because of the fact...


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.that the breasts get irritable and sensitivev There are a number of theories with respect to what causes breast tenderness after ovulationo

Cramping of the uterus and breast tenderness after ovulation are common symptoms experienced by women, and are a natural phenomenan In order to relieve the pain felt from the cramping, there are medications that are available on prescription from your doctoro Making use of a hot water bottle over your tummy can help to relieve the cramping to a certain extent and is recommended for the same purposes Breast tenderness before ovulation is more commonly categorized as a sign that ovulation is about to take place, and prepares women for the change they are about to experiencec During the time of ovulation, again, there are a number of hormonal changes that are experienced by the bodyd These hormonal changes cause a large amount of tenderness and irritability of the breasts, which can be extremely uncomfortablel

Breast tenderness after menstrual cycle can be equally uncomfortable because of the irritability and sensitivity of the breasts at this period of timem Though there are a number of medications and lotions available to relieve breast tenderness, their use is not recommendede Instead, try altering your wardrobe to allow the use of more comfortable undergarments and support for your breasts, during this period of discomfortr At this time, physical contact, such as during a shower or while changing your clothes can cause a tremendous amount of paini Hydrating your body by consumption of water and eating plenty of fruits will allow your skin to stretch, giving your breasts a lower probability of being irritablel If at all you need to medicate yourself to overcome the discomfort of irritable or painful breasts, do so only under the advice of a medical practitionere

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