Ovulation Test Procedures

An ovulation test is an excellent device in predicting ovulation. This is a woman's most fertile period during the menstrual cycle. Ovulation tests help a woman to anticipate her ovulation and not just in confirming that an ovulation has actually taken place.

Ovulation Testing

Ovulation testing is done by detecting the luteinizing hormone or LH. Just before ovulation, women experience a surge called the "LH surge".



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.This can be a sudden and brief rise in the woman’s level of the luteinizing hormonen The ovulation tester detects this surge in LH thus allowing the woman to accurately predict and confirm when you will be ovulatingn A positive result that one gets on the ovulation test signifies that the woman is most likely to become fertile during the course of the next three days and this accompanied by a peak fertility which occurs at 36 hours post the LH surgeg

Ovulation Test Procedure

At the start of the woman’s menstrual cycle, her body starts to produce some follicle stimulating hormones or FSHS The follicle stimulating hormone in helps the formation of one follicle onto one of her ovariese This follicle then contains and helps in nurturing the eggg When the follicle has become adequately mature, a surge in the Luteinizing Hormone then causes this follicle to burst open and to release the egg into her fallopian tubeb  This is when the ovulation takes placec During the menstrual cycle, a very small quantity of the LH is producede However during the middle part of the cycle, the LH briefly and suddenly increasese

The elevated amounts of luteinizing hormone help to facilitate ovulationo

The LH surge tends to be a brief surgeg Thus to detect this LH surge, the woman is required to test herself at the correct time of the month also the correct time of the daya As the LH is continued to be produced by the woman’s body the ideal times she is advised to test herself is in the morning or mid-afternoono Thus after the LH surge has been successfully detected, the fertilization is most likely to occur in 1 to 3 days post the LH surgeg The peak fertility occurs at 36 hours post the LH surgeg Since this period of ovulation only occurs once every month predicting the ovulation accurately is helpful when attempting to become pregnantn Ovulation tests appear in two types the test strips and the midstream testst When using the ovulation test strip, the woman needs to fill a container with her urine and hold this test strip into the container for few secondsd With midstream tests, the test is held in the stream of urinen

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