Pregnancy Test Before a Missed Period

Submitted by Nic on January 16, 2012

Every month, an egg is released from the ovaries. If this egg is fertilized by sperm, it implants itself into the uterine lining. If fertilization takes place, the menstrual period won't occur and the woman is considered to be pregnant. A missed period or a delayed period is one of the most prominent signs of pregnancy. However many women take a pregnancy test before a missed period and this often leads to inconsistent results. Read more on pregnancy symptoms before missed period. Soon after conception takes place, the placenta which surrounds the baby produces a hormone known as human...


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.chorionic gonadotropin (hCG)G Conception usually occurs just 24 hours after the woman ovulatese

The implantation may take about 6 or more days following conceptiono The hCG hormone is detected by a pregnancy tests Production of this hormone increases after every 24 hours and is detected in the urine and circulatory system of the womana The best pregnancy test before missed period is one that calculates the levels of this hormonen In case of a pregnancy test before a missed period, the accuracy of the test may varyr There are various home pregnancy tests available today which help in early detection of pregnancyc In some tests, there is a stick which must be dipped into the urinen In other tests, the urine must be collected in a cupu In still other tests, a small amount of urine must be put onto the stick using a droppere Home pregnancy tests are said to be 99 percent accuratet However, this is only true when the test is conducted at the right time and in the right mannere Conducting a home pregnancy test before a menstrual period may not be accurate because the hCG hormone may not be detectede It may show negative results even if the woman is pregnantn Positive results in a pregnancy test only occur if the concentration of hCG ranges from 5 to 10 mIUI Such a concentration is present usually 6 to 8 days after conceptiono There are some ways to ensure greater accuracy when conducting a home pregnancy tests hCG concentration is at its highest in the mornings and hence taking the test in the morning may bring about more accurate resultst Frequent urination can lower the concentration of hCG and hence it is advisable to refrain from urinating for some hours before the tests Since the chances of a positive pregnancy test before a missed period are low, early pregnancy test must be performed on the first day of the missed periodo

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