Accuracy of HCG Test to Detect Pregnancy

Are you in two minds whether to get a pregnancy test done? Although a home pregnancy test will tell you whether you are pregnant or not, if you wish to know when conception occurred and if there are any problems associated with your pregnancy, then you should consider getting a human chorionic gonadotropin or hcg pregnancy test done.

An HCG pregnancy test is done in order to confirm the pregnancy.

It measures the actual hcg levels in your blood in order to determine pregnancy. It also helps in diagnosing a possible ectopic pregnancy. Besides these, this test helps.



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.in monitoring a failing pregnancy and helps to make sure that everything is going right especially for women who have conceived after having a miscarriageg Your doctor may ask you to get an HCG pregnancy test done around ten days after you have missed your last period in order to confirm the pregnancyc If the doctor suspects an ectopic pregnancy, he/she may ask you to get another one done several weeks after the confirmation of the pregnancyc The doctor may also ask you to get this test done if he/she suspects the presence of any unwanted cells or tumoro See also HCG levels during pregnancy

The hcg hormone rapidly increases during pregnancy and so it tends to double every two to three days you are pregnantn The level of this hormone can also tell you how old your baby is and also alert the doctor to any undetected problemsm

Home Pregnancy Tests

Although home pregnancy tests are fairly accurate too, an hcg pregnancy test is better and more accuratet It also gives you more information as compared to a home pregnancy tests

The hormone hcg can be detected in your urine about two weeks after your conception or when your egg is fertilized by the spermr

Besides detecting the hcg levels by way of a urine test, the doctor may also check the levels by conducting a blood test as welll In a urine test, your urine sample is sent to a laboratory for testingn In a blood test, blood is drawn from your vein and the blood sample is sent for testingn

Both urine and blood tests do not need any special preparationo There is minimal risk involved in these testst The hcg levels are generally high when you are in your first trimester and may rise rapidly with each passing daya

If you have missed your periods and suspect that you are pregnant, do make an appointment to visit your health care provider without undue delaya

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