Early Pregnancy Testing

An early pregnancy test is a test that you can take immediately, after you suspect that you may have conceived. It can confirm whether you are pregnant or not.  However, in some cases early pregnancy testing may not always give you accurate results. This is because a pregnancy test needs to check either the blood or the urine for chemical markers that indicate pregnancy.

There are two types of tests that can be conducted for this purpose. The first type is a blood test that involves the expertise of medical professionals, where a woman’s blood sample is checked in a laboratory for a pregnancy hormone.



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.called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, more commonly known as HCGC The second type is a urine test, which can either be conducted with the help of medical professionals, or at home, using a home pregnancy kit, that is easily available at almost all drugstorese However, the result of a home pregnancy kit may not be accurate in case you are conducting the test, too early, after conceivingn Early pregnancy test results are normally shown as negative, which is why most companies recommend that regardless of the outcome, another test should be repeated after a few daysy

Early Detection Pregnancy Test

However, a blood test can be regarded as a more accurate early detection pregnancy test in most cases, mainly because a blood test can determine whether you are pregnant or not, much sooner than a urine tests Blood tests can be conducted in two ways; the first is a Quantitative Blood Test and the second is a Qualitative Blood Tests A Quantitative blood test determines the exact amount of HCG that is present in your bloodo

This test can actually detect even minute amounts of HCG present and can give you the exact quantity that can be found in your bloodo A Qualitative blood test on the other hand, only checks whether HCG is present in your blood or noto This type of test is as accurate as a urine test and can only let you know whether you are pregnant or noto However a Quantitative blood test, which is probably the best early pregnancy test, can tell you whether you are pregnant or noto It can also let you know if the pregnancy is progressing normally or not, as the amount of HCG in the blood, doubles every two days, for the first four weeks of pregnancyc This test can tell you your exact HCG count, day by day or week on week basisi

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