How to read a pregnancy test?

(June 11, 2010)

How To Read Pregnancy Tests

A pregnancy test is handy when you feel that you may be pregnant or if you have missed a period and have other symptoms that are similar to early pregnancy symptoms. It is easy to take the test, but it might be confusing to read the pregnancy test results. This is why it is important to read and follow the instructions given on the pregnancy test kit. You also need to read the results at the right time, instead of waiting for too long to read it. This is what you need to do to understand and read the results of a home pregnancy test.

When you are in the store and wondering which home pregnancy test to buy, it is advisable to read the instructions on each of the different boxes and choose a kit that you feel you will be more comfortable using. Certain pregnancy kits are extremely sensitive to hCG, a pregnancy hormone and should be used a few days prior to menstruation.  

You must choose a pregnancy test kit that has a result window that is clearly visible. Different kits have different result indications, some have two windows, some have a double line or, a plus or minus sigh. You must pick up a test kit which you will find easy to interpret. You can opt for a pregnancy test kit that contains two individual test sticks within the test pouch. This type of kit may cost a little more but it will allow you to confirm the results of the test. Furthermore, if you do not use the first one correctly or if it is a faulty piece, you still have another one to fall back on.   

If you are planning to do a test, it is advisable that you do it as soon as you wake up to avoid incorrect results. This is because at this time urine has a high level of hCG. You may also test either when you are expecting your period or just before it. Before you do the test, read the instructions carefully. Some pregnancy test kits contain a cup that is meant for urine collection so that you can then place the test stick in the container for the required amount of time before you get the result. Immerse the test stick for the recommended time. Generally, test sticks are meant to be immersed for about 10-15 seconds, just till they are saturated. Dip the tip of the test stick in the cup and then place the test stick down on a dry surface that is completely flat. You can then set your timer to the amount of time required for a result; this will be indicated on the box. Many women are impatient and wish to read a pregnancy test result before the required time is up but picking it up from  the flat surface that it is on can affect the results. You can generally read the results of a pregnancy test in three to five minutes.

Other test kits may require you to hold the test stick directly in the urine stream and the results will then be displayed immediately. These pregnancy kits are a little more expensive but less involved and easier to use.
Read the test when the timer rings. A double line in the window or a line in the test and the control windows, or, a plus sign is an indication for a positive result. Meet your doctor for further tests to confirm the pregnancy.

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