What are the Reasons for a False Positive Pregnancy Test?

You have been planning for a baby and finally you miss your period. You grab the home pregnancy kit that you have stocked at home and the test shows positive! A pregnancy test determines pregnancy by detecting the level of hcg or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin in your urine or blood. A positive pregnancy test indicates that you are pregnant.

However, before you spread the good news, keep in mind that a home pregnancy test may not be accurate every time. It can also give you a false positive pregnancy test. You are said to have a false positive pregnancy test result when the.



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.results show positive but actually you may not have conceivede This happens very rarely, but it does happene Hence, going for a clinical examination after the home pregnancy test shows positive is always recommended in order to confirm the pregnancyc

False Positive Pregnancy Test Reasons

There are many reasons why the test may have given you a false positive pregnancy test resultl Here are some of them:

  • Missed reaction time: For a home pregnancy test, you need to place the urine sample in the round window using the stick provided in the kit and keep it aside on a dry and flat surface for at least two minutese In this time frame, make sure you do not move or shake the test sample as it may hamper the resultst At times the result may not be very cleara In such situations, you can wait for two minutes morer

    If you wait for too long before you check the result, it is known as a missed reaction time as the duration you have waited for was too longn
  • Chemical Reaction: If you have been taking some pills to induce pregnancy, then the result can show a false positive pregnancy test as these drugs have the hormone hcg in theme Pregnancy tests look for the levels of this hormone in order to confirm the pregnancyc Because of the medication, the hcg level in your urine can be a little higher than usual and this can result in a false positive pregnancy tests
  • Evaporation lines: Although rare, at times the tests leave a faint positive pregnancy test because your urine crosses the demarcation line in the test instrument, thereby giving you a positive signg The line is very faint and grey in color and is often interpreted as positive whereas this may not be the cases

Hence no matter what a home pregnancy test result may be it is always better to seek the opinion of an expert to confirm the resultl

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