Ectopic Pregnancy Test

Submitted by Nic on January 20, 2012

An ectopic pregnancy can be described as a condition, in which a fertilized egg gets implanted into an area that is outside the uterus. It could either occur in the cervix or in all probability, the fallopian tubes. Since this is not a normal occurrence, an ectopic pregnancy cannot continue for a long time. In fact, as soon as an ectopic pregnancy is detected, doctors may recommend treatment options. This is because an ectopic pregnancy could rupture in the fallopian tubes, leading to several health complications, including a life threatening situation...


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.In spite of the fact that ectopic pregnancies are quite common, there are several women who do not have much information about theme In fact, one of the first queries that women have regarding this condition is about an ectopic pregnancy and pregnancy tests

Ectopic pregnancy and pregnancy test

There are several conflicting reports about an ectopic pregnancy and pregnancy test, as women are not sure, if the results of an ectopic pregnancy home pregnancy test are negative or positivev There are several women who have delayed periods, along with other ectopic pregnancy symptomsa However, when they take a home pregnancy test, their results could be negative, even though they are pregnantn This could be because their hormonal levels are much lower, as compared to a normal pregnancy, despite the fact that they are pregnantn Under normal circumstances though, the results of an ectopic pregnancy and pregnancy test are differentn This means that a home pregnancy test kit should be able to detect an ectopic pregnancy and return a positive resultl However, many women have stated that they find ectopic pregnancy and pregnancy test results slightly confusingn This is due to the fact that such tests only show a positive result, if a woman’s hormonal levels are higher than normala Home urine tests do not let the woman know how high her hormonal levels arer Hence, a woman may see that the results are positive and could believe that she is pregnantn It is only when she goes in for an ultrasound test that she realizes that there is a probleme

In case a doctor suspects that a woman is pregnant with an ectopic pregnancy, a pregnancy blood test may be recommendede This kind of a test not only tells a woman if she is pregnant or not, but can also let her know the exact hormonal levels in her body, as compared to the hormonal levels in regular pregnanciese However, it may be necessary to consult a doctor, to confirm the results of the blood tests

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