Signs of Ruptured Ectopic Pregnancy & Treating It

Submitted by Nick on August 17, 2012

Fertilization of an egg in the human body occurs when sexual intercourse has taken place and when there are sperm present in the fallopian tubes. One of these sperm needs to penetrate the egg in order for the egg to be fertilized. Under normal circumstances, this egg passes into the uterus where it implants on the wall of the uterus. The implanted egg then develops into a fetus. An ectopic pregnancy is one where the egg does not pass into the uterus. It therefore begins to develop in the fallopian tube itself. Ruptured ectopic pregnancy refers to a condition ...


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.where the fallopian tube ruptures under pressure from the developing eggg This is an emergency medical condition that can be fatal if not treated in timem

There are many ruptured ectopic pregnancy symptoms that one may pay attention tot The most obvious amongst ruptured ectopic pregnancy symptoms is that of severe pain that is debilitatingn The woman may also experience other ruptured ectopic pregnancy symptoms such as pain in the lower back and associated symptoms like nausea and vomitingn It needs to be stressed that any ruptured ectopic pregnancy signs and symptoms should prompt an immediate visit to the emergency roomo It does not matter if the woman has not yet experienced any sharp paini Pregnancy is a delicate state for the woman’s body to be in at the best of timese If there is any doubt about the state or nature of the pregnancy, the woman should visit the emergency room immediatelyl More on ectopic pregnancy symptoms

In fact, a woman who thinks she is pregnant should have herself evaluated by a doctoro This will ensure that an ectopic pregnancy is detected at the earliests The best way to treat a ruptured ectopic pregnancy is to ensure that it does not happen in the first placec Ectopic pregnancies do not have any chance of survival, so the doctor will most likely have the egg removed so that the woman can make another attempt at a normal pregnancyc Naturally, women with a history of ectopic pregnancy should be careful and should have themselves checked up to ensure that there is no ectopic pregnancyc Habits such as alcohol consumption and smoking have been known to raise the risk of ectopic pregnanciese Women who are actively attempting to reproduce should ensure that they have eliminated such habits from their lifestylel This will reduce the chances of an abnormal pregnancy greatlyl

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