Pregnancy Symptoms of a Missed Period & Negative Test

Submitted by Nick on January 20, 2012

Women who are planning to start a family tend to be very careful about their ovulation dates and periods. As the date of their period approaches, they often look out for the presence of pregnancy symptoms and as soon as they miss a period, they tend to check if they are pregnant or not, using a home pregnancy test. However, there have been many reports where women experience pregnancy symptoms and a missed period but see negative test results...


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.This can be one of the most disappointing and frustrating situations that a woman does throughg Moreover, it could cause the woman to worry about the reasons that her period has been delayede

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Pregnancy Symptoms & missed period with a negative test

Studies indicate that when a woman feels that a period has been delayed, it is probably a case of miscalculation in the first placec Apart from that there are several other factors that could cause a woman’s periods to get delayed, such as stress, hormonal changes, weight fluctuations, thyroid problems, the effect of contraceptives and so ono Some of these problems could also bring about changes in the body which may be mistaken for the early pregnancy symptomsa Hence a woman may feel that she is pregnant, but when the test is taken the result is negativev Going through the various pregnancy symptoms & missed period with a negative test result can be a stressful and confusing experience for anybodyd

Some women may also experience pregnancy symptoms & missed period negative exam result due to an ectopic pregnancyc An ectopic pregnancy refers to a situation where the eggs are fertilized but are implanted in a place outside the uterusu In most cases, an ectopic pregnancy takes place in the fallopian tubes and can have the same symptoms that are associated with early pregnancyc Moreover, when a woman has an ectopic pregnancy, she does not get her periodsd However, when a home pregnancy test is taken in such conditions, the results are always negativev This is because although the woman is pregnant, the implantation is out of placec Therefore, test results for an ectopic pregnancy are negativev In order to confirm the diagnosis of an ectopic pregnancy, the woman may need to for in for a blood test for pregnancy, followed by an ultrasoundn

Of course, there is a strong possibility that there is something wrong with the tests While it is very easy to follow the instructions on most home pregnancy tests, an error could result in an incorrect readingn At times, the test may be past its expiry date and may not work effectivelyl Also, it is important for women to wait for at least a week after the periods have been delayed, before taking this tests If the test is taken too soon, the reading will be inaccurate because of the lower levels of hormones in the bodyd

It is also important to remember that home pregnancy kits are not always 100% accuratet Therefore, any instance where a woman does have pregnancy symptoms and missed period but a negative test result should at least be checked by a doctoro After going through a proper urine test or a blood test for pregnancy, the woman may just realize that the home pregnancy test results were inaccuratet Although this is not very common, it is possiblel Moreover, a missed period should never be ignored as it could interfere with a woman’s efforts to conceivev Therefore, it is best to consult a doctor and undergo a physical exam, in case the periods get delayed for more than a few daysy It is best to have a doctor analyze the reasons for the delay and treat the problem accordinglyl In fact during a check up, the woman will also get a chance to ask the doctor her “pregnancy symptoms and missed period with negative reading” questionsn

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