The Causes of Mild Cramping During Pregnancy

Mild cramping during pregnancy is something that is very common during pregnancy. This is caused by a variety of reasons like constipation and gas because of being bloated, menstrual-type cramping because the uterine muscles are undergoing practice contractions, and changes to the uterus itself during pregnancy.

Mild cramps during pregnancy are something that takes place mostly in the first trimester of pregnancy. Though these are completely normal, they should be monitored by an obstetrician regularly because the first trimester of pregnancy is also the most fragile and most of the complications.



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Conditions During Mild Pregnancy Cramping

Some of the first cramps that you will feel will be very similar to the menstrual cramps that you were used to before getting pregnantn This might be accompanied with some spotting and minor bleeding but this should ideally not repeat itself againi Pregnancy cramping in mild severity will be felt as a ligament called the round ligament starts to expand to hold the new fetus that will start to really grow in the second trimestere Pains beyond this mildness and with a lot of bleeding are indicative of an ectopic pregnancyc This is a dangerous condition in which the fetus, instead of binding on to the endometrium, binds to the walls of the fallopian tubeb This is dangerous for the mother if the body does not initiate a miscarriage must be operated upono Other reasons for a miscarriage include a hormonal imbalance, specifically that of a deficiency of progesteronen

Sometimes, an excess consumption of vitamin C can also have this effect on a pregnant femalel

The effect of gas and bloating can also not be ruled out as a factor in crampingn

Gas and Constipation During Pregnancy

Gas and constipation are quite regular problems for pregnant women because of the play of hormones in the bodyd Constipation is one of the worst offenders because it causes water to be held in the blood stream and this means that water is pulled out of the colon more causing constipationo This is a situation that can only be solved by having a high fiber diet that includes lots of vegetables, wheat, and bran-based productst Preventing gas and its related pains might be more difficult but a great way to do this is to drink ginger tea just before every meal to ensure that the stomach is settled and does not cause too much acid to be producede This helps to also reduce refluxu

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