Can Constipation be an Early Symptom of Pregnancy?

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on August 17, 2012

Just like bloating, constipation is also a common problem during pregnancy. In fact, the problem of constipation affects almost half of all pregnant women. Though a common pregnancy symptom, constipation during pregnancy is nothing serious and therefore nothing much to worry about.

In pregnancy, constipation is caused due to the increasing pressure that the growing uterus puts on the rectum. The hormone progesterone also works...


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.to relax the muscles of the body, therefore causing the metabolic processes to slow downw When digestion slows down, it gives the blood time to utilize as many nutrients in the body as possiblel

However, this also slows the transit of food through the body, therefore causing constipationo Another factor that causes this pregnancy symptom is the change in the diet that you make because of morning sickness and nauseae Sometimes, iron supplements taken during the pregnancy can worsen the constipationo

Fortunately, constipation during pregnancy is not something that you have to silently endurer You can improve your diet to include high fiber foods which allow food to pass through the alimentary canal fastere Whole grains and pulses can help in adding texture to the foodo You can also add wheat bran to any dough to make it richer in fibere Fresh fruits and vegetables also add soluble fiber to your diet and, therefore, are highly recommendede However, if you are accustomed to a low fiber diet, increase the fiber content slowly or it may cause cramps in the abdominal region and actually worsen the constipationo If you suffer from constipation often, try to reduce consumption of refined and fatty foodsd

To keep your body hydrated, drink lots of water and other fluidsd This can help keep the stools soft so that they can be passed from the body more easilyl When you are drinking fluids, avoid caffeinated beverages or soda because those can intensify the bloatingn Instead, drink coconut water and fresh fruit juicec You can also eat dried prunes and dates along with lukewarm watere These help in getting rid of constipationo Flax seed powder is also excellent for the treatment of constipationo

It is a common misconception that during pregnancy women should rest all the timem In fact, some light stretching and exercising can help keep the body fit and the metabolism strongn Following a regular exercise routine can help you increase stamina and deal with the pregnancy symptoms bettere Walking around the block or light yoga stretching are the best ways to keep yourself fit during pregnancyc

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