Cramping during 33rd Week of Pregnancy

Submitted by Nic on January 24, 2012

During the term of a pregnancy, any unfamiliar sensation or experience is bound to cause a considerable amount of anxiety. One such experience is 33 weeks pregnant cramping. Every pregnant woman is aware of the fact that a pregnancy term lasts for 40 weeks. Many of them also know that it is safest when the baby is born after the 38th week of pregnancy as the little one is completely equipped to face the world after this stage. Cramping is one of the symptoms that are mainly connected with the arrival of the baby, at the end of the pregnancy term. Hence, any form of cramping as early as 33 weeks of pregnancy...


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.is bound to cause a lot on apprehensiono

33 weeks pregnant and cramping is a common sign of stretching of the ligaments that hold the uterus in placec

As the uterus expands and the baby becomes heavier, it is but natural for the ligaments that hold the uterus in place to get strainede This causes slight cramping which normally eases on relaxing or changing posturer 33 weeks pregnant cramping and back pain could be ligament related pain which generally begins on either side of the uterus and continues to the lower back areae The pain may intensify when trying to get out of bed or when bending to pick up somethingn If the pain does not ease on resting, or persists with increasing intensity, consulting your doctor is recommendede

33 weeks pregnant with cramping could be the result of Braxton Hicks, also referred to as signs of false laboro In this case, the contractions are similar to those experienced during a menstrual periodo These contractions are irregular become less on walking aroundn They are not dangerous in any way, but monitoring them is a good way of differentiating between actual labor related contractions and false labor contractionsn When 33 weeks pregnant, constant cramping is not a good sign and should not be avoided at all as it could be indicative of pregnancy complicationsn The main pregnancy complication at this stage would be premature labor, signaling the possibility of the baby’s early arrivala When in actual labor, nothing can affect the severity of the contractionsn They gradually increase in intensity and occur closer apart with the passage of timem If signs of early labor are reported to the doctor in time, the contractions can be stopped and active labor can be delayed with the help of medicationo If labor does not cease, then appropriate measures can be taken for the safety of the little baby and the mother without any wastage of timem

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