What to Expect During 38 Week of Pregnancy?

(January 4, 2011)

As the woman approaches the final stages or the final few weeks of pregnancy she is usually very keen what to expect during 38 week of pregnancy and later on as well. Typically in order to know what to expect during 38 week of pregnancy one should be aware that the baby would now weight almost 7 pounds and would measure around 20 inches in length. During 38 week of pregnancy the development of the fetus is almost complete and the baby may now be engaged in the process of shedding the lanugo and the vernix which were protecting its skin inside the mother’s womb. Additionally during 38 week of pregnancy, the baby will also start producing surfactant which is a substance that does not allow the air sacs that are present in the lungs to stick to one another once the baby learns how to breathe. Women who are keen on knowing what to expect during 38 week of pregnancy should also know that during week 38 of pregnancy, the baby will continue to add to its layers of fat and will even complete the development of its nervous system and the brain. Read more on 38 weeks pregnant what to expect

Women are also required to know what to eat in 38 week of pregnancy as they would also be nurturing their baby via the breast milk produced by the mother. Hence the diet of the pregnancy woman should be nutritious and she should consume plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and also drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. During 38 week of pregnancy, the breasts of the pregnant woman will start secreting a yellowish thin liquid which is known as colostrums. This colostrum is rich in antibodies that perform the primary function of protecting the newborn baby. The composition of the Colustrum is that it has less fat and milk sugar but more of protein which makes it easier for the baby to digest. In order to know what to expect during 38 week of pregnancy, women should also be prepared for an increase in the frequency of urination. This typically occurs because the baby’s head is now resting on the pelvis thereby providing less space for the bladder. Hence during week 38 of pregnancy women may be required to completely omit caffeine and other such drinks that have a diuretic effect. During 38 week of pregnancy some women may even experience an itching sensation on their abdomen which can be taken care of with some vitamin E oil.

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