What to Expect in Week 27 of Pregnancy?

(June 11, 2010)

What To Expect From Pregnancy Week 27

Week 27 of pregnancy marks the beginning of the third trimester. Your baby will weigh anywhere near seven pounds at this stage. The total length of the fetus will be around 14.4 inches. By the 27 week of gestation the retina develops its normal layers. These layers help in receiving light and light information and also transmit all the information to the brain. Your baby’s skin will still be wrinkled because of staying afloat in water. From now until birth your baby is going to be in a rapid growth spurt. This growth rate will reflect their individuality.

Week 27 of pregnancy will see your baby slowly rotating in a ‘head out’ position. This will not happen overnight, this process will take place slowly. But when this happens you will feel a pressure on your cervix. Your baby has developed his lungs by this time. If your baby happens to be delivered right now then your baby has chances of survival, however your child will have to undergo a huge number of complications. By week 27 of pregnancy, your baby’s eyes are opening wider they can even be able to distinguish between darkness and light.

Your baby will have developed a sleeping schedule of his own. He will now be able to react to certain strong tastes from the spicier foods that you eat.  By week 27 of pregnancy, your baby has surely undergone plenty of changes and so have you! You can continue to expect nausea, weight gain and shortness of breath. You will have the impulse to urinate almost every ten minutes.  Women carrying multiple babies will complain of back as well as body pain. Your body will swell up even more. This is the right time to commence with ‘baby-on-the outside’ preparations.

You should be constantly hydrated, so make sure you are getting plenty of fluids. You must take short naps to freshen yourself. You might be a little concerned about the way your body has been bulging from everywhere, do not worry about it, your body will return to normal shape soon after you deliver your baby. You will eventually adjust to the changes happening within your body. Week 27 of pregnancy is the time when a woman’s hormones are not at their optimum levels and thus she may find it a little difficult to cope with mood swings. All the pain and trouble will be worth it when you hold your little one in your arms.

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