What To Expect During the 37th Week of Your Second Pregnancy

Submitted by Nic on January 18, 2012

There will be changes between the symptoms of your first pregnancy and the second one. What would be a relief is that the morning sickness is a lot less than during the first pregnancy but other problems like frequent urination, varicose veins and hemorrhoids may still be there. The second pregnancy is always more tiring for the mother as she cannot have as much rest as she needs because of taking care of the first child. The pelvic joints are painful and one would have to be ...


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. more careful of the posture while sleeping and ensure that one sleeps on the side on not on the backc The second pregnancy becomes more apparent earlier than the first one because the uterine walls expand faster as they are more flexible this timem

Labor time is reduced compared to the first time as the cervical muscles get dilated fastere  In case the first time the delivery was by C-section this may be repeated the second time also and the labor period will not be reducede  While the uterus is contraction and returning to its original pre pregnancy size the contractions are more painful in subsequent deliveries when compared to the first onen  Sometimes the doctor may have to prescribe pain killers if the pain is too severer Read more on 37 weeks pregnant what to expecta

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In the third pregnancy the symptoms are very much like the second one and it starts showing quite fast when compared to the first and second pregnancyc The labor is reduced further if the first two were normal deliveries and the cervical muscles are more flexible than in the previous pregnanciese The uterine contractions post delivery will be more painful than during the previous two pregnanciese

This will be a period of adjustment at home as the two earlier babies will also have to be cared for along with the new one and all older kids go through a period of restlessness as they feel neglectede

37 weeks pregnant what to expect

The 37th week of pregnancy is the third trimester and the mother is usually preparing for the hospitala She has to get together clothes for herself and her new baby at the hospital along with all the other requirementst Most hospitals do give a list of what is needed before admitting the mother to beb If this is the second or third pregnancy arrangements would have to be made for the older kids while the mother is at the hospitala

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