Toddler Tooth Extraction

By Ashley | February 10, 2010
Toddler Tooth Extraction

Your child loves to munch on chocolates throughout the day. Despite several warnings, he/she simply turns a deaf ear to what you say. However, what you feared the most has come true. Your kid’s tooth is decaying, and it is time to extract it.

It is natural to get worried about it. As an adult, the mere thought of the pain associated with tooth extraction can make you crazy. However, to your surprise, although the process is the same, this so-called complex process is simple when it comes to children. Children need mild anesthesia as compared to adults, and the extraction is easier as toddlers have milk teeth that are easier to be extracted.

Reasons for Toddler Tooth Extraction

Your child’s tooth can be extracted because of the following reasons:

  • Tooth cannot be restored
  • Presence of a potentially problematic tooth
  • Extraction due to orthodontic treatment

The dentist may use a mild anesthesia to numb the area around the tooth that needs to be extracted. By using the proper instruments, the dentist will extract the tooth and place a cotton ball or gauze that needs to be bitten to stop the bleeding.

Remedies for Toddler Tooth Extraction

After undergoing a tooth extraction, here is what you need to do for your child:

  • For the next 24 hours, stop your child from rinsing his/her mouth vigorously.
  • Stop your child from disturbing the wound using his/her fingers or tongue.
  • Make sure you administer the right medication as prescribed by the doctor.

Please remember, do not frighten the child with tooth extraction or any other dental procedure in case he/she misbehaves, as this may lead to a fear development in the child. She/he may then refuse to undergo any future oral treatments. It is normal to feel a little discomfort for the next two or three days after undergoing a tooth extraction. If you feel that instead of improving the wound is worsening, contact the doctor immediately.

A tooth extraction is not difficult when it comes to children, especially toddlers. However, it needs to be done only when the tooth cannot be saved. Removing a tooth prematurely can lead to problems, while the permanent teeth make an appearance. Tooth extractions cause open spaces, and as a result, the permanent tooth may not come in straight. To avoid this condition, using a space maintainer will hold the space till the permanent tooth comes.

Lastly, maintaining good dental hygiene, getting regular dental check-ups, and brushing your child’s teeth twice a day will help you maintain your child’s pearly whites and avoid tooth extraction.

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