Treatment & Conditions During Chipped Tooth in Toddlers

A chipped tooth is one of those accidents that happen during the course of childhood and can be a very painful experience for a small toddler. Worse still is the surgery to correct the problem which is a root canal treatment. A toddler with chipped tooth problems has no recourse but to go to a dentist.

A chipped tooth in toddlers is something that usually happens as a result of a fall from a height. Usually a toddler ends up with a chipped front tooth in situations like this.

Conditions during Chipped Tooth in Toddlers


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A chipped tooth is usually quite easy to identify since a portion of the tooth will be broken off and there might be some bleeding from the area as well. In most cases, there could be some trauma to the lip and gums as well, which could complicate the problem due to pain and the increased possibility of an infection. The best thing that you can do in this situation is to rush the child to the emergency room and get the wound cleaned and any open gashes stitched up. After this, a trip to the dentist would be in order to the get the tooth looked at.

Depending on the amount of tooth that has been chipped off, a root canal treatment would need to be performed where the internal pulp of the tooth would need to be removed. This is done by drilling a hole in the back of the tooth and then using tiny screws to tangle the mass of flesh inside and remove it. After this, the tooth is sealed. This becomes the first sitting. Subsequently, the procedure then is to insert some rubber-like material called gutta percha to fill the tooth.

The tooth is then resealed with dental cement. The next stage is to rebuild the tooth again with dental cement. This is a long procedure where the dentist will place layer upon layer of the dental cement.

Treatment for Chipped Tooth in Toddlers

Sometimes a plate called a veneer would be used when there is too much damage to the tooth. After this procedure, a regular diet can be followed with no restrictions. There may be some pain medication administered in the course of this treatment and healing. The tooth will have to be looked at every six months for discoloration that can sometimes occur due to normal wear and tear. This discoloration can be corrected with the use of dental bleach or hydrogen peroxide or sometimes with a coating of cement over the discoloration.

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