Toddler Tooth Problems & Treatment

Toddler tooth problems usually center on tooth decay and cavities in the tooth both of which come under the term dental caries. Caries is the leading cause of untimely toddler tooth loss; the other reason being the loss of milk teeth in children, which usually happens until the age of 10. In the case of the natural loss of teeth, the toddler with a lost tooth will usually have it replaced by a permanent one in a few months.

Dental caries occurs due to the slow destruction of the calcium content in the teeth. This can only happen with injury or the presence of acid in the mouth. In the normal course of the life of a tooth mineralization and de-mineralization.



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.occurs all the time with saliva being the mineralizing agent because of the presence of calcium in iti De-mineralization happens mostly because of the presence of bacteria in the moutht

These are completely normal but when the intake of sugar is too high, the remaining amounts of sugar in the mouth trigger the production of acid by a specific kind of bacteria called lactobacillus acidophilusu This slowly eats away at the structure of the tooth until finally the entire calcium base is breached and the pulp of the tooth is compromisede If this is not treated with a root canal treatment, not only will the remaining structure of the tooth be lost but there is a chance of ANUG or Acute Necrotising Ulcerative Gingivitisi This is a condition in which a whole bunch of different bacteria cause the death of the tissue and gumsm Untreated, this could even be fatala

Treatment for Toddler's Tooth Problems

There is no way to completely restore a tooth once decay has occurred and the only option is to prevent the problem in the first placec This can be done by not taking sugary drinks through the daya Children tend to overdose on sugar regularly and this has to be stoppede Sugar must only be consumed at mealtimes and not otherwises Brushing twice a day and using a mouthwash after every meal is another good way of preventing the problem of tooth decaya It is also a good way to ensure that oral thrush does not formr These are things that need to be imbibed in children at a very early stage in life and they should also be taught to not fear the dentist and to let you know of any kind of tooth paini
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