Caring For Toddler Tooth Injuries

By Ashley | March 12, 2010
Toddler Tooth Injury Information

Tooth injuries in toddlers can be distressing to both children and parents. Tooth injuries can be a result of anything as trivial as a fall inside the house or even a sport injury. Toddlers facing primary tooth trauma is common. Toddlers being unsteady on their feet, they are likely to suffer from dental injuries. The general dental injuries that toddlers face are knocked out teeth, fractured teeth, forced out of position, loosened, or pushed back up in the gums. There can be additional damage to the bones of the jaw or the tissues of the mouth. The peak period of such injuries in toddlers is 18 to 40 months because this is the period when toddlers increase their mobility.

If a toddler’s baby tooth is dislodged, it cannot be replaced and there is no need to put it back. Since it’s a primary tooth, a permanent one will grow back in its place. The only care to be taken is that it comes out in a proper way. When your child injures his gums or teeth and he is bleeding, put some cold water on a piece of gauze and apply pressure on the injury. In case of a swelling, offer the child an ice pop to suck on. Give the child a cold compress to hold on to the injured tooth. However, a dentist’s attention is always needed. Children suffering from primary tooth injuries may lacerate tissues in the mouth including gums, lips and cheeks. Emergency help is needed if the jaw swells and possible signs of a fracture are seen or if the bleeding of the gums does not stop. In some cases X-rays might be needed to determine the extent of the injury. In case of a concussion, the tooth might change color. The sharp edges of chipped or partially damaged teeth can further create more damage if not taken care of. Loosened teeth can be stabilized. The dentist can smooth of the edges of chipped and partially damaged teeth. Although knocked out primary teeth cannot be replaced, a space maintainer can be put with the help of a dentist to make sure the adjacent teeth don’t space in before the permanent tooth emerges.

The risk of children’s tooth injuries can be reduced by child-proofing the house. Wires or any other object because of which children can trip over are to be kept away. Do not allow toddlers to run while holding any objects in the mouth. If proper care is taken, Tooth injuries won’t be all that distressful.

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