which tooth paste is best for a 16 month old toddler to use or is the ordinary kids tooth paste not harmful.?

(March 3, 2010)

Keeping in mind the fact that a number of parents are worried about the dental health of their toddlers, it is not uncommon for people to try to find the correct toothpaste to be used by toddlers, or even if it is safe for them to start brushing their baby’s teeth. The most common cause for toddler tooth decay is damage of the enamel caused by carbohydrates and bacteria that come together in the mouth to form a penetrative acid. The acid eats into the enamel and exposes the nerve which is highly sensitive to temperatures and flavors, causing immense amounts of discomfort.

Getting your toddler used to a toothbrush from an early age will prove beneficial in the long run, when dental problems are avoided altogether. While you are brushing your teeth, giving your toddler a soft toothbrush to rub the gums with, will help to develop the habit of brushing his or her own teeth. There need not be any tooth paste used during the initial stages, because the important thing is that all food particles that remain in the mouth must be dislodged and washed out. Children’s toothpastes come in various flavors, and it is important that you know which flavor your toddler finds interesting. Toddlers who do not like a certain flavor may develop an aversion to brushing their teeth if forced to continue with that particular flavor. Toothpastes that are readily available in the market are not harmful at all because they have been tried, tested and approved by the FDA.

As your toddler grows older, you may experiment with fluoride toothpaste, ensuring that you use only a pea-sized amount of toothpaste on his or her brush. The best time to begin using fluoride based toothpastes is when your toddler is able to spit the foam that forms while brushing teeth, out of his or her mouth. Fluoride that is swallowed could prove to be harmful. What toothpaste you use is not as important as allowing your toddler to experience the activity of brushing teeth for him or her self, thereby allowing a relationship to develop between your toddler and his or her toothbrush. Routine practices form habits, and so it is with brushing one’s teeth. As time goes by and your toddler develops further, it is advisable that you take him or her for a dental visit and ask your dentist to show them the correct way of brushing their teeth so as to avoid any dental complications.  

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