18 Month Toddler Development

Submitted by Nic on January 17, 2012

It is only natural for all parents to worry about the proper growth and development of their child, right from the beginning. However, this concern becomes more intense as the child grows a bit older and has more milestones to achieve. For example, 18 month toddler development may seem a lot more than an infant's. Many parents refer to a month-wise development checklist, to know if their children are growing and developing at the same pace as their peers.

16 Month old toddler development


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16 Month old toddler development

At 16 months, almost all children are aware of the fact that they are separate individuals, but may still look at their parents, especially their mother, as an extension of themselves. Hence, they may urge their parents to get them a toy or help them walk up the stairs. Children at 16 months also recognize attention, appreciation and amazement and may perform acts and deeds to earn such reactions from their parents.

If a child tries very hard to success at tasks that are nearly impossible, like lifting heavy weights, it is absolutely normal.

17 Month old toddler development

Parents notice some major changes within a short span of a month or so, in their toddlers. At 17 months, children can use a handful of words and could even combine them. Some may try to dress and undress themselves or could learn to brush their teeth with some help. They also recognize different toys, have favorites and may engage in pretend-play. Many toddlers are fussy eaters and therefore, parents are advised to prepare simple, but toddler-friendly meals.

18 Month toddler development

A toddler's vocabulary continues to expand at a fast pace. 18 month toddler development includes more than a dozen words, which are uttered quite clearly. Some 18 month old's can use basic sentences too, whereas others may use words, tone, inflection and gestures, to get their point across. Using names, not just for people, but also inanimate objects is an integral part of 18 month toddler development. Many children know where things are hidden in the house, like chocolates in the fridge, cookies in the pantry or shoes in the closet and will try to fetch them. If they do not find what they want, most 18-month olds start looking for it and will have a lot of fun in the process.

19 Month old toddler development

As the toddler grows, so does his or her vocabulary. Their attention spans also usually increases and some of them may spend up to 20 minutes or so, playing with their favorite toys. Many of them recognize shapes and love playing with shape box.

Since children grow rapidly at this stage, 20 month old toddler development will be quite different as compared to the previous month. Hence, it is best for parents to consult a doctor, or a reliable resource, for toddler development at 22 months and so on.

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