How Toddlers Develop and Learn?

Submitted by Nic on January 17, 2012

There are various stages of development that are achieved by toddlers as they grow, and each of these milestones leave lasting memories that are cherished by parents. Watching how toddlers develop and learn can be an extremely fulfilling task, especially when you look at the glow of achievement on their faces. From the time that they are conceived, there are various stages of growth that are being achieved, even while still in the womb. The formation of the limbs, the formation of the nervous system and the respiratory system are all developmental stages that have been achieved by your baby. After they are born, the process...


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How Toddlers Learn

.continues, the only difference being that now you are able to see clearly for yourself, the different milestones achieved by your babyb

Toddler development milestones are innumerable, beginning with the baby's ability to hold up his or her head without supportr

This usually comes around the third month of birth, by which time the baby is also able to focus on different objectst As time goes by, there are various other achievements that your baby will have accomplished, the most noticeable of these being the baby's ability to turn over on his or her own, the ability to sit up straight without any support and the ability to crawl aroundn These developmental stages take place between the third and the eighth month - a period of time when your baby will have started consuming semi solid foods as welll To assist you with tracking the development of your child, there are toddler development charts that are readily available with medical practitioners and supermarketst However, toddler development chart stages need not be the same for every child, and they are usually a guideline to help you keep track of child growth and not every child follows the same growth patternr

A toddler development checklist will be of great help when assessing the growth rate of your childl However, you must remember that all children are different and grow differently, depending upon the stimulation that has been provided by the environment in which they livev An environment which provides the child with opportunity to explore things for him or her self is one that promises better growth than an environment which does not allow for exploration and discoveryr Giving children their own space to grow is also very important as it avoids a stifling environment that will definitely hamper the growth of your childl

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