Stages in the All-Round Development of Your Toddler

Your Toddler is Physically Developing

The physical development of your child will taper after the first twelve months, but will be relatively steady until he or she is a teenager. However, their gross and fine motor skills will develop faster, and your toddler will begin learning to walk, climb, throw, talk, and other activities.

As the toddler becomes more active and starts to walk and run, he or she builds up muscles in the body. At first, the legs.



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.are wobbly and unsteady, but with continuous walking, their legs are strengthened and the muscles become stronger and firmere This gives them more freedom to explore, and they soon start to climb steps and cross hurdlese They will also learn to hold small objects, pick up toys, and play with theme Try to keep the house child proof and keep breakable things out of reachc Teach them in an assertive manner that certain things and activities are a “no” for theme Spend time with them as they learn their new lessons and be patient with your toddlere

Toddler Social and Emotional Development

As they keep exploring the physical world, they will also experience many emotionsn When supported by a parent who responds to their emotional needs, shows love, and is consistent, children develop with more confidence and have higher sense of securityt As they grow, children experience a whirlwind of emotions that can confuse theme They believe that what they need or want to do have to be done immediatelyl They seek your help to be in control of every situationo They throw temper tantrums, whine, cry, and get frustratede

They may have problems with sharing, which will change as they reach two years of ageg

They may seek comfort objects when frustrated or when going to bede They soon learn to adjust and modulate their emotionsn

As they grow older, toddlers will recognize your emotions and those of others around theme When you encourage them and show them kindness, understanding and cooperation, they too imbibe such social behaviorsr They also learn to read the parent's emotions and can tell when you are upset, angry, or happyp

Toddler Intellectual Development

At this time, their brain is developing and they are beginning to think and analyze, pay attention, solve problems, and learnr You need to provide opportunities to develop these skills in your toddlere Speak to them in simple and short sentences, which will give them better chances to imitate and learnr Involve them in activities and introduce them to numbers and words at every possible occasiono Sing to them to expand their vocabularyr You can also provide them with building blocks and toys that will help develop their motor skillsl Be sure that you provide a safe environment to make your toddler feel securer

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