What books did you find helpful with toddler behaviors?

(March 24, 2010)

A toddler is a child aged between 12 and 36 months. The term toddler is given to a child at this age because this is when the child begins to learn how to walk. This is a particularly interesting period in the life of the child as well as to the parents as this is when the toddler will develop basic motor skills, communication skills, and social skills and will begin to show its personality. Toddlers can also be extremely difficult to handle as they may be full of energy.

Toddlers begin to use communication tools such as speech and behavior to begin demanding things from their parents. A toddler begins to throw tantrums when he/she is ignored or what they want is not being given to them. Toddlers tend to become possessive of things that are part of their daily life. These things could include their favorite toys, their most regularly used bed sheet or blanket or a particular item of clothing in some cases. Essentially, at this stage, the toddler starts to try to be independent of the parent. At this age, independence refers to basic things such as walking, feeding oneself, dressing, playing on one’s own, etc. It is extremely important for parents to encourage this behavior to an extent as this is an expression of the child’s identity and must be nurtured in order for the child’s personality to develop.

Children at the toddler age are discovering new things in life. Before the toddler years, children are restricted to the movements of their parents or the adults around them who will move them around. Once they begin to walk confidently, they will begin to roam around the house and explore things. Be careful at this stage not to leave breakable items within the toddler’s reach or any food or medication that you would not want the toddler to touch. A toddler will be curious to do anything as it represents a new and exciting opportunity. You should encourage your toddler’s imagination and curiosity but be prepared to draw a line if he/she misbehaves or abuses the freedom granted at home. Always be patient and try not to shout or scream at your toddler when he/she is misbehaving. Toddlers also tend to be impulsive in their behavior. Do not let this frustrate you as this is normal for a child of that age.

You can visit your local library or bookstore for literature on the subject of raising a toddler.

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