Whats the best thing for a toddler with winter vomiting virus?

(February 12, 2010)

Toddler’s are susceptible to many different kinds of illnesses and their delicate digestive systems often means that they fall prey to different bugs and end up with upset stomachs. If it is a stomach or intestinal infection which is causing the vomiting, then your toddler might also experience related symptoms such as a fever and even diarrhea. Bear in mind that there could be other reasons why the toddler may feel like throwing up, such as a respiratory infection.

The one thing you need to realize about a vomiting toddler is that he or she would be experiencing a loss of fluids. These fluids which are lost in the process of vomiting must necessarily be replaced since dehydration is a rapid occurrence if one is not careful. While the vomiting itself leaves a lot to deal with, the complication of dehydration can be a grave matter. Your little one could do with a little help besides sipping water. A preparation of salt and sugar which is then added to a bottle or even a glass of water ensures that the child gets the necessary fluids. One will find electrolyte solutions which are easily available these days which may be safely offered to the little one and can even be offered in the form of ice pops. Do not forget that sip of water would help the child if offered regularly. Often one simply has to ensure that the child who is vomiting is allowed to remain as comfortable as possible till the nausea passes. Snug clothing for the toddler might be helpful especially if you find that the weather is cool. Tucking him or her into bed should let the toddler get some much needed rest till the symptoms pass. Solid foods might best be avoided and later reintroduced to the child. However, avoid giving the little one food items which are fatty in nature since this might upset his stomach once again.

If the vomiting is severe, of if there are visible signs of dehydration or if there is a lot of abdominal pain, one should get in touch with the doctor. There is also the need for a doctor if the toddler’s abdomen is distended and if he or she complains of a tender abdomen. There are many other situations when a doctor’s help for that vomiting toddler would become necessary so it would be best to check in with the pediatrician about the vomiting if it does not seem to dissipate after 24 hours.

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